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Friday, September 01, 2006 

Harper to Address United Nations on Sept. 21st

Prime Minister Harper is scheduled to make his first speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 21st in New York City.

I certainly hope that the he is NOT taking any advice from his old Calgary pal Ezra Levant. Mr. Levant, who is the editor of the Western Standard, wrote a column in the July 31st edition of the Calgary Sun urging Harper to pull Canada out of the United Nations!!

Globe and Mail

Calgary Sun

I wish he did. If there was only 1 thing I would do as PM it'd be to get Canada out from this truly evil organization

Okay there 'Righty' let's get you on the record. Exacty what is 'truly evil ' about the United Nations. Enlighten us ...please.

The extreme Right in this county has it in their minds that the United Nations is very bad. I am engaging with mcguire on this thread to lay out what the Right believes. The link to Ezra's argument is on the original post.

Pull us out now,A.S.A.P.Scrap the whole thing. Then start up an organization,that has some balls,with out tyranical nations onboard. The United Nations as it is now is an impotent, useless wishful thinking fairy tale.

You said, "Even if they are holding a child or toddler in their arms I have the right to self defense."

No I am talking about the infants and toddlers that get killed when your strategic plan for Iran to disarm was to establish escalated boming until they surrender or you turn it into a 'parking lot'.

That is what you said. See I am talking about the children that would get killed in their bed, in their home, in their country when your side bombs them into oblivion.

Just so I understand, that is what you call 'self defense'???

To simplify your long answer - what I read is this: 'If you were afraid for your life you would kill them'?

... right whingers can dish it out, but they cannot take it.

Not part of the U.N. the Conservative government could pursue "made in Canada" solutions to conflicts in the middle east just as it plans to find "made in Canada" solutions to global warming.

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