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Tuesday, December 19, 2006 

Federal Conservatives FIRE Wheat Board President

Proving that they are blinded by extreme right wing ideology, the federal government fired the president of the Canadian Wheat Board on Tuesday, amid a controversy over the Conservatives' plan to end the agency's monopoly.

Just days before Christmas, Adrian Measner, a thirty-two year veteran of the Canadian Wheat Board was issued his termination notice Tuesday, officials with the Winnipeg-based grain marketing agency said.

There is no doubt that the pre-Christmas firing has occured at a time when the least amount of criticism could be directed to Scrooge Strahl and Scrooge Harper. Not only are they totally undemocratic in their approach to the CWB, but also, both Strahl AND Harper have demonstrated that they are gutless and totally without ethics!

Globe & Mail

This whole war on the Canadian Wheat Board business is really kind of ironic and sad at the same time.

I mean, on one hand, the Conservatives are trying to break up the monopoly that those pesky farmers have on their wheat prices, while on the other hand, they don't seem to be too concerned about the stranglehold that much larger corporate entities have on markets... Take for example, uh... I dunno... WAL-MART!?

But then, even after you think about how completely hypocritical this act of class warfare on farmers is, you also have to realize that the Tories are playing with the livelihoods of the same people who put bread, cereal, etc. into the cupboards of the fat cats who are trying to make them into wage slaves for corporations (heh... assuming they haven't already accomplished that).

That's....pretty much over the top. You don't like what someones opinion is so you just fire them?

They'd better hope that if and when the "other side" gets in power they don't decide to operate in the same fashion. They've set a dangerous precedent.

Add this to the list of lies that Harper & Co. have engaged in since the beginning of last election.

There was a hidden agenda, and it is unfolding before our eyes.

- Dismantle Canada, merge it with the United States, and while we're at it attack anything that resembles civil and equality rights. (That includes the presumption !)

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