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Sunday, April 15, 2007 

'Sometimes Promises Have To Be Broken' - JASON KENNEY

Tory Cabinet Minister Jason Kenney required police protection at a meeting of his Calgary constituents who were angry about broken promises over changes to Income Trust taxation laws.

Police watched over the crowd while plain-clothed officers sat amongst the attendees.

Kenney, ever the Tory trooper, took all of the anger in stride. At one point during the uproar he told the crowd, "I wish I had brought some valium for my friends here." After the nasty little meeting, he told a reporter that sometimes promises have to be broken.

Canadians are becoming aware of the new 'Kenney Doctrine.' The Stephen Harper government has been practicing the Kenney Doctrine quite a lot lately raising the anger of Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canadian Wheat Board supporters, in fact if you are angry at broken Conservative promises, 'take a number and get in line'.

Way to go Mr. Kenney. This couldn't be happening to a more deserving politician.

Definition of the NEW 'Kenney Doctrine':
'Just because a Conservative tells you they are going to do something -or- aren't going to do something, actually means shit.'


-Vancouver Sun

Photo courtesy CTV

People should remember that quote, the next time Kenney gets high and mighty.

He is so utterly arrogant ( as is Harper) that I don't know if it even phases them.

He's not just arrogant, but heavily medicated, if we take his offer at face value :)

Unfortunately for Calgarians, there is no viable alternative for these disgruntled voters. Coulda been the GPC if they were smart.

Speaking as a Calgarian, I argue that there are lots of viable alternatives.

I have yet to vote for Jason Kenney or any of his dishonest neoCon brethren - nor is that likely to change.

If "viable" means "likely to win", the only way that's going to happen is when voters wake up and realize how misinformed they are by the notion of "gotta vote for a winner".

These old folks invested to avoid taxes... Any serious investor knows that shouldn't be your fundamental reason to add something to your portfolio... The fact is that these people went in over their heads... Income Trusts destroy R&D because that money becomes dedicated to the almighty dividend... The government had to do something... These people are looking for someone besides themselves to blame for their foolishness.

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