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Monday, April 16, 2007 

Technorati Tag - 'The End Of The Liberal Party Of Canada'

Technorati has a great new tag that you can use on posts about the bizarre nonsense Stephane Dion and his discredited Liberal Party are doing in Central Nova.

Just add the following script to your posts to tag it appropriately:
"http://technorati.com/tag/The+End+Of+The+Liberal+Party+Of+Canada" rel="tag"> The End Of The Liberal Party Of Canada"


so hopefully it look likes this."http://technorati.com/tag/The+End+Of+The+Liberal+Party+Of+Canada" rel="tag"> The End Of The Liberal Party Of Canada"

You're off my blogroll


I sat here today watching smug Liberal supporters on prog blogs going on and on that Jack would rather talk with the Taliban then talk to May .... blah blah blah ... NOT THAT MUCH DIFFERENT THEN WHEN HARPER SAID THAT LIBERALS WORRIED MORE ABOUT TALIBAN PRISONERS THEN ABOUT CANADIAN SOLDIERS ... and when Harper said that, some dipper bloggers came to Dion's defense and went after Harper ... so now I am sitting here watching Liberals do to Layton what Harper did to Dion.

Fine .............!!!!!!

think i'll just add that technorati tag to most of my posts!

Beeeee careful ..... sheeple will take you off his blogroll ....

Oh no, someone who has spent the 5 of his/her last 7 posts attacking the NDP is mad at a blogger who supports the NDP - and has taken you off the blogroll! Buckdog - what will you do? What willlllll you do?

I looked to see if sheeple had an email listed because there is something I would like to ask him in private ... no email is listed ...

Nipping Right-Wing Butt
Across This Great Nation:

Taking the example of Layton and attacking the Liberals instead of the government again?

Saskboy ... like it or not there are some fairly right wing liberals out there AND I go back to my point ... what the hell are some Libs bringing the 'Taliban' into a debate on Central Nova???

It was Layton who started attacking Dion after the deal with May was announced. It has been NDP supporters who have gone all but nuts since this deal was announced.

A little perspective here:
Dion and May are tackling climate change. Layton is fiddling with ATM machines. Dion wants Canadians out of Afghanistan in 2009. Dion supports U.S. war resisters in Canada. Dion wants national sustainable forestry, green health care, the phasing out of toxins that pollute our bodies and cause developmental damage.

We're on the same side, but you're being vicious in your partisanship.

My ONE and ONLY bitch was that Fuddle Duddle, Cerebus and others brought the 'Taliban' into a debate on Central Nova and used that in a mean spirited Tory style attack on Layton.

Because I and other New Democrats blogged in Dion's defence when Harper went after him saying he cared more about the 'taliban' then our own soldiers - here I am watching Liberals do to Layton what Harper did to Dion! So which vicious partisanship are you referring to pal?

Be as mad at me as you want!

Of course Jack was trying to play to Green supporters dissent - hell her own strategist quit TODAY mad at her for the deal! Do I read anything from you on that topic on your blog .... NO!!

So why it you are silent on Green party dissent in their own party but you go after Layton and are mad at me!

Sheeple said...

You're off my blogroll

7:55 PM, April 16, 2007


Honestly, one could only dream of being told something like this. It's a compliment!

By the way, I was looking for your email, and I couldn't find it... Do you mind sending me a quick line at jkubinec@gmail.com if you don't want your email to be public? I want to ask you some stuff.

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