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Thursday, July 19, 2007 

WalMart Introduces 'Jesus' Action Figure

The fundamentalist movemment will be happy to know that you will soon be able to purchase your favourite 'Bible Based Toys' from your local WalMart Stores.

Isn't all of this Creationist, Jesus Camp, gay hating nonsense getting a bit tiring for non-fundamentalist Christians?

I mean surely to 'God' (!?!) when are all of you non-fundamentalists going to speak out and say very loudly that 'as a Christian, I do NOT believe that Noah took dinosaurs on the Ark'? When are you going to shout out 'My planet earth is not 6000 years old - it has been here for billions!'

As long as non-fundamentalists sit quietly in their pews at church, saying nothing about what the fundamentalist christianists are doing to your faith, well then, shame on you!

Postscript: Isn't there something in the 10 Commandments concerning 'Graven Images'?? As Monty Python says, 'we don't need to take all of the Bible literally - Just the naughty bits'!


-Wal-Mart and Jesus Team Up: Rolling Back Prices and Saving Souls

-A nice selection of 'faith based' action figures!

The fact that mainstream Christians sit in the pew and say nothing is an example of "live and let live" in action.

There will always be a McVety or Mainse or Pat Robertson and their effective audience is the already converted.

Others--those of the mainstream--appeal to reason and intellect rather than some top-down "I'm telling you the divine wisdom".

One can get greater audiences and
have a greater attraction by appealing to the nobler instincts and intellect of the listener rather than delivering the message from "on high".

I rather think that the fundamentalist and pentacostalists have forgotten that we are living in a time of educated society and that since many read and have an education, the message can be found within rather than being delivered from without.

David I appreciate your comments. My fear is a slippage into legislated or enforced acceptance of fundamentalist beliefs. It is already happening in the USA:
-Grand Canyon Guide staff CANNOT make any reference to the scientific age of the site - the bookshop contains the 'creationist' propaganda
-fundamentalists and their political supporters now have 'creationism' being taught in schools as science in 19 states.

The Age of Reason has turned into the Age of Insanity.

Dear leftdog,

What do we call it then, creeping theocracy?

Any student of history knows the fate of theocracies, or if they don't then maybe their theocratic environment won't allow them such knowledge. More's the pity.

Ah yes you attack people for supposedly for imposing their beliefs & being bigoted. Well I guess it takes one to know one.

You & other secular fundamentalists with your denigrating & mocking of people's most sacred beliefs shows you & your ilk are every bit as hateful, intolerant & disrespectful as the Pat Robertsons of the world are.

You want people to show respect & not be hateful, set an exmaple & stop being so goddamn hateful & derogatory uyourself.

It is quite a stretch to consider a plastic jesus from WalMart as having anything to do with 'people's most sacred beliefs'.

I BET you will have ALL of the bible action figures on your bedroom dresser!

You are helping to prove the difference between:
- a Christian (and)
- a right wing - hateful - deluded - illogical - christianist!

You want people to show respect & not be hateful, set an exmaple & stop being so goddamn hateful
Mcguire 3:52 pm
Yes, that's my point exactly. Live and let live.

I'd really like to know what I said that was denigrating or mocking or how I was being hateful intolerant and disrespectful.

Can you shed light on my question?

Yes, this philosophical discussion is all well and good, but more importantly:

Does it have Kung Fu grip?

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