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Sunday, August 26, 2007 

Here Come The Authoritarian Types To Defend The Police At Montebello!

Sun columnist, Earl Mcrae has provided us with a perfect demonstration on how the authoritarian mind works. Without even batting an eye, Mr. Mcrae's article , 'Undercover cops just doing their jobs' is a wholesale white wash of the Quebec Provincial Police's attempt to incite violence at the Montebello summit.

I have a hard time understanding the mechanics that make a right wing reactionary mind like Mcrae's work. In Mcrae's world, those who should be upholding the law become the law. This article is so typical of authoritarian thought process.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mcrae lives in a 'black and white' world. There is NO grey. 'This is good and that is bad.' To right wing extremists like Mcrae, the end justifies the means so what the hell - the laws be damned!

Very scary indeed!

That useful idiot would have supported a security clampdown after the Reichstag fire. He's a typical righty bonehead--takes him three paragraphs of insults even to get to his point. What a miserable excuse for a journalist he is--and has always been,

I would like to second that motion. Talk about a 'Canadian Idiot'!

He uses name calling 15 times.

He doesn't have a basic fact straight - (that video was not shot on cell phone)

He is most certainly entitled to his opinions, it is after all an opinion column; not knowing even one basic fact doesn't bolster his opinion.

Earl Mcrae works for the Sun chain of newspapers. That's all you need to know about the reasons for your outrage.

The Sun newspaper chain is like Fox news on TV. You're for them or against them. If you're against them, they shout you down like Bill O'Reilly.

Think of Hearst. Nuff said.

What I find most fascinating is his use of the term "Dreamlanders" to describe anyone who doesn't subscribe to his authoritarian worldview. Like authoritarianism is "normal" and everything else is just a "dream" for naive "Dreamlanders".

Damn. I thought only America had right wing authoritarian nazi tools (aka Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Malkin, Coulter, Savage, etc) but it looks like you got the same problem in Canada.

I'm so sorry.

I hope it's organic and not a metastatic effect from the U.S.

Not that if it's organic that it's any better but I shutter to think that the Conservative Propaganda here in the States is speading to other parts of the world.

Deport him to South Carolina. He'll fit right in.

I do believe I shall have a letter in the Ottawa Sun tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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