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Tuesday, September 04, 2007 

Saskatchewan Political Columnist Alters Quote

In his August 29th column, Regina Leader-Post political columnist, Murray Mandryk wrote the following:

"The NDP TV ad contains the words "the Sask. Party stands for PRIVATIZATION OF CROWNS". Those capitalized letters quickly fade, and, for a split second on the screen, the message is "the Sask. Party stands for P-O-R-N". Of course, this was coincidental and not intended to be a subliminal message, the NDP says. Yeah. Right."
Murray Mandryk
Leader Post
August 29, 2007

This is a clear alteration of what the TV screen actually showed.The word 'stands' is NOT on the screen. Mandryk has substituted the word 'stands' for 'stood'. An error, or is this simply a subliminal message meant to denigrate the New Democrats? Only Mandryk knows ... and he's not saying!

I wrote to the Regina Leader-Post and pointed out the changed words to the editors. I have heard nothing since that day and there has been no correction in Mandryk's column. And the main stream media wonders why they are losing their traditional reading audiences.

Shame on Murray Mandryk for faulty research, and for not correcting an obvious error - if it truly was an error!

Progressive Bloggers

why are you blaming Murray Mandryk for the mistake?

The word "Stands" was the mistake of the people who print the paper.

Maybe we should all go through the paper and complain about all the spelling mistakes we find.

Your being really picky about spelling mistakes Leftdog

huff - the point here went completely over your head. The column im question was written by Mandryk so you are WRONG - those were his choice of words - he wrote them. It is NOT a spelling mistake, it is a deliberate attempt to make it seem bad.

The Sask Party says the screen says
"Sask Party Stood For Porn" - what the hell does that mean? What does it mean to have 'Stood' for porn? Mandryk tried to make it more sinister by altering it to 'Stands' for porn.

The Sask Party is OUT to lunch on this and Mandryk is NOT being honest!

I think the whole issue is ridiculous. Sublimal messaging? I mean really. Sask Party will use anything to make the NDP sound like a big bad bully. Hope the parties grow up a little bit, or atleast get serious

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