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Thursday, October 25, 2007 

Who Is Brad Wall?????

“In this case, it's all about history, beginning with what has become the annoying, disrespectful and sometimes downright dangerous habit of the Saskatchewan Party of implying scandal, fraud and corruption from within the safety of the legislative assembly when they have had virtually no evidence thereof.”
- Regina Leader Post: Mar 24, 2006

"Wall has become a leader more focused on blaming and criticizing than coming up with better ideas of his own."
- Regina Leader Post Jul 9, 2005

"What Wall doesn't seem to get is that governing is a multiple-choice test. There's no all-of-the-above box for the premier of Saskatchewan. Yet tax cuts have become Wall's predictable answer to everything. Where does his vision go beyond that?… that isn't a vision. It's simply polling results translated into easily digestible sound-bite policies."
- Regina Leader Post: Sep 9, 2005

“Wall's rant this week [...] goes beyond stale into the realm of unproductive political pot stirring.”
- Regina Leader Post: Sep 2, 2005

“Simply saying you have ideas isn't enough. Nor is saying you oppose investing taxpayers' money in the private sector because it sounds good -- especially, when you then turn around and praise the government for doing the very thing you oppose.”
- Regina Leader Post: Jul 9, 2005

“After Tuesday's flip-flopping, why would voters see Wall as any more trustworthy than Hermanson?”
- Saskatoon Star - Phoenix: Nov 24, 2004

"Contrary to Wall's near-hysterical press release Wednesday forewarning Premier Lorne Calvert of another looming National Energy Program… no one has actually called for another NEP."
- Regina Leader Post: Sep 2, 2005

"The problem with the Opposition's criticism is that it appears to be driven more by politics and polling than sound policy planning."
- Regina Leader Post: Jul 9, 2005

“Less than a month after he rose in the house to suggest that SaskEnergy should hurry to lock in a contract at $5.56 a gigajoule until October 2002, Saskatchewan Party critic Brad Wall issued a press release that berates the company for failing to take advantage of prices that have now fallen to $4.61 a GJ for a one-year contract. Forget that Wall was wrong on June 5 about the $5.56 price he was tossing about in the legislature because he failed to include several costs, including delivery charges, that make the price considerably higher in Saskatchewan. Ignore that he's again conveniently leaving out these costs in citing a $4.61 price that applies only in Alberta. Wall's June 29 press release serves to underline why consumers are better served by having experts who know the natural gas market make SaskEnergy's purchasing decisions than to follow the whims of politicians trying to outguess a commodity market that's more volatile than the NASDAQ.”
- Saskatoon Star - Phoenix: Jul 7, 2001

“But what might be even more irksome about the way the Saskatchewan Party is now kowtowing to the SBC [Saskatoon Business Council] is that it suspiciously seems less about a sincere political philosophy than the game of political positioning that the Opposition has played since Brad Wall became leader.”
- Regina Leader Post: May 21, 2005

“An Opposition plan to embarrass the government went awry Thursday when a businessperson invited to the legislature to condemn the province's sales tax increase and threaten a move to Alberta found out he doesn't have to charge his customers the PST. During question period in the legislature, Saskatchewan Party MLA Brad Wall said the government's PST expansion threatens to put Stein out of business. However, following the scrum with reporters, Stein was invited to meet with Department of Finance officials. Less than an hour later, he emerged from the meeting a contented man.”
- Saskatoon Star - Phoenix: May 5, 2000

“After chastising both the NDP government and party for its secrecy, the Saskatchewan Party says it now finds some merit in being secretive, too [...] Wall denied that this makes past criticism of NDP policy debate and government programming hypocritical. ‘Some will say it's hypocritical. I say it's a change. You can characterize the way you like.’”
- Regina Leader Post: Oct 2, 2004

"For the Saskatchewan Party that campaigned in 1999 on a public sector spending freeze to now suggest that wage guidelines are somehow inappropriate seems something less than genuine."
- Regina Leader Post: Jun 17, 2005

“The Saskatchewan Party is blasting SaskTel for investing more than $13 million in two Internet companies, one of which may compete with an existing private business in the province.” [...] Brad Wall said SaskTel's newest company will clearly compete for IRON Solutions' business [...] However, it appears that there was no direct competition."
- Saskatoon Star - Phoenix: May 16, 2001

"Sure, the notion of removing the politics from the process sounds great, but it is still government that must determine tax cuts and utility rate hikes….Is fobbing these decisions off on another non-government body -- one that's actually less accountable to the public than a government sitting in the legislature -- really the answer? Or is it just a way of avoiding taking a position on issues that might make some voters a little uncomfortable? For that matter, what in Wall's paper goes beyond the same old Opposition criticism, delivered in slightly more academic tones?"
- Regina Leader Post: Sep 25, 2004

"Not only did the Opposition completely distort Sonntag's statement, but it did so to make the point that there needed to be a special legislative investigation of him for "lying to the legislature." That's not just irresponsible. It's contemptible."
- SaskatoonStar - Phoenix: Feb 26, 2003

“[It] makes you wonder exactly what Wall and his party really stand for.”
- Regina Leader Post: Jul 9, 2005

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