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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 

The Federal Liberal Caucus Is A Disgrace

OTTAWA - "Although he continues to sit as an MP, former prime minister Paul Martin has made no statements in the House of Commons and hasn't voted once during this parliamentary session. The House of Commons does not publish attendance records for MPs. But the official transcript of the debates, Hansard, records no statements by Martin since the session began in October."

OTTAWA, March 11 (Reuters) - "Canada's Liberal Party will not bring down the minority Conservative government on a vote that will scrap an education tax break and is likely to take place for this week, a legislator said on Tuesday."

OTTAWA — "The Liberals have refused to bring down the minority Conservative government over its alleged failure to combat climate change. Only 11 Liberals showed up to vote on an NDP non-confidence motion condemning the government for failing to respect international climate agreements and for its refusal to adopt opposition approved legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."
-Canadian Press

OTTAWA - "Canada's minority Conservative government easily survived a final confidence vote on its federal budget Tuesday, averting an election. The House of Commons voted 125-90 in favor of the budget. Two opposition parties, the New Democratic Party and Bloc Quebecois, voted against it. The biggest opposition Liberals, lagging in opinion polls and struggling to raise funds, had decided to keep the government in power. Only a handful of Liberals showed up to vote against the bill."

OTTAWA: - "Parliament rejected a Liberal amendment to the Conservative budget last night, closing one more door on a possible election.The amendment, which referred to "an NDP-like lack of fiscal prudence" was crafted to be completely unpalatable to the New Democrats, whose support was needed for it to pass. Only seven Liberals turned out to vote."
-Globe & Mail

Thank goodness I am not a liberal.

Get this: Word is the Liberals have given up their opposition day tomorrow. You heard it: THEY HAVE NOTHING TO PUT ON THE AGENDA ... not child care, not poverty, not NAFTA-gate, not even the Cadman thing. Nothing.

The Liberals are the worst opposition party since the Creditistes in 1979 who didn't show up to save Joe Clark ... but, ya know, at least they managed to defeat a Conservative government!

About the Creditistes in 1979. Joe Clark let them know that he had no need of them and considered them unimportant.

---until Friday Dec. 13. That's the date the sky fell in.

Then it was the end of the Creditistes and Clark!

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