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Monday, June 02, 2008 

Dion's Liberals Will Allow Harper's Conservative Government To Continue In Power With Votes Tonight

There are going to be three key votes taken in the House of Commons tonight on the Conservative's controversial immigration reforms that are part of a larger federal budget implementation bill. The New Democrats and the Bloc will vote to send the Harper administration to the people for a new mandate or defeat. The Liberal Caucus will, however, allow the Harperites to continue governing.

Canadians will be reminded of this when the time comes. Canada has a coalition government right now with the Liberal Members of Parliament propping up the Conservative minority.

Globe & Mail

Every time the Liberals stand up during the coming election and say why Canadians shouldn't vote the Harper back in for another term. You will hear, "Why didn't you vote out Harper if he is as bad as you say?"

The Liberal election advisors and leader who believe insufficient money is a reason to avoid the poles fail to realize two things.
- When you don't have not ready cash, there is credit. This credit is provided from grass root supporters who they won the hearts and minds of.

- Alternate media is an economical way to reach millions of grass root supporters who will push for the cause like no TV viewer ever will.

Are they maintaining the Conservatives under Harper because they are not guaranteed a majority? Than it is a race to the bottom.

I am very much saddened by the very fact that Elections Canada is under attack by Conservative Party under the leadership of Stephen Harper for holding all Parties accountable and insuring fair elections. Under Stephen Harper's leadership the Conservative Party has forsaken the responsibilities that comes with honourable leadership.

Funny, it is not even news any more that the Conservative leadership, is under investigation for seeking to violated a fair and free election through spending violations. If Harper is lucky this old news may be forgotten and the Conservatives are able to deface our tools of democracy. Justice is not served, and over spending, braking election regulations become campaign tools. And Canada forever loses the fairness it enjoyed in the past.

This means all members must vote their non-confidence of the government at the next voting opportunity. This non-confidence of the government must be shown regardless of a party's desire for the particular vote at hand. Efforts to ensure election freedom and fairness must over rule all other concerns. As Loyal Opposition you hold the responsibility to vote your non-confidence, before those violating a free and fair election are able to intimidate investigators.

But it won't happen!!

Honestly I am convinced that the inner Liberal circle even knows in their hearts that they let things slip away. I mean up holding democracy.

The Liberals tying themselves to the Conservatives is the best hope for Stephen Harper's deceitful government. It is still unlikely that the NDP will form the next federal government, and the vote against Harper will be split. Harper may win a minority, holding absolute power as he has done with this minority government.

In no case will the Liberals be untarnished if they continue to support the Conservatives and do not vote them out. In fact the Liberals might find themselves wiped out instead of the Conservatives.

I can't find much that I disagree with you on this. In fact, the Liberal leadership is going to have to do quite a bit of explaining about their functional political submission to Harper - they have mounted a loud but basically impotent verbal fight with Harper, but their voting record in this parliament tells the tale. I'd love to have a creative hand in New Democrat election ads that itemize how the Libs supported Harper!

Down leftdog,
The NDP are quite capable of that.
There is lots of Stephen hypocrisy to bit into. Keep those teeth sharp and don't get a tooth ache.

The Liberals are cautious to the point of stupidity. I read Dion's quote say, "if he voted out the Conservatives earlier, he wouldn't have the given the gift of yet another scandal."

Here is an analogy of the situation.

When a man commits a crime you sentence him. YOU do NOT leave him on the street for him to commit more crimes.

Great, so Dion supports Harper so he can do more damage. And I as Liberal am suppose to say thank you?

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