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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 

Robert Dziekanski's Mother Threatens Legal Action Against RCMP

The mother of the man killed by the RCMP in the Vancouver Airport last year is threatening legal action against the force in light of yet another postponement of an inquiry into his death.

The official inquiry has been delayed a number of times over the last 10 months. A further postponement has now been called moving the date from November to January.

A spokesperson of the official Commission of Inquiry has also reported that the commission has been unable to get access to RCMP files.

Enough is enough. The RCMP killed Robert Dziekanski in a brutal manner. Someone MUST be charged criminally with his death and with the false information and cover-up perpetrated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after the incident!

Globe & Mail

More Buckdog on Dziekanski killing ......

What's taking them so long to get these trigger-happy policemen prosecuted?

It took those very same officers less than 30 seconds to kill Robert Dziekanski off, but we're already over a year now to start (!) legal proceedings in the prosecution of the suspects.

And who are these policemen? What are their names? Why do we get to see the names of every suspect in pretty much any case within days of an ordeal, EXCEPT for when they are police officers?

How can the RCMP get away with such unacceptable behaviour? Are officers above the law in Canada? Where's the outrage?

To serve and protect, right? Their own asses first of course. Corrupt bunch of hypocrites.

I agree completely. This is utterly rediculous!

i agree, well done

Dziekanski came at the police in a threatening manner with a stapler... i dont understand this at all.

they are all taught communication procedures and yet they (rcmp) did not try and communicate.

this is totally wrong and i hope the mother does begin legal action.

"Dziekanski came at the police in a threatening manner with a stapler... i dont understand this at all."

I've seen the tape a number of times and I didn't see him coming at the RCMP with a stapler ???

The Polish translation of what he said to the RCMP was to ask them for help getting out of that part of the Airport.

No stapler ....

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