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Wednesday, August 12, 2009 

When The Right Wing Tried To Prevent Medicare In Canada - 1962

In 1962, the CCF (forerunner to the New Democratic Party) government of Saskatchewan implemented Universal Health Care. Immediately, Right wing opponents from both the provincial Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties organized massive demonstrations and protests. The province's medical doctors went out on strike to try and kill public health care. The Saskatchewan government did not blink, the protests died out and Medicare went on to be so hugely popular, that a later Liberal federal government implemented it across the nation.

Obama should hold his ground and not be swayed by the right wing advocates of 'for profit' health care in the USA which keeps 40 million Americans without health coverage!

And by the way .. public health care CONTINUES to be completely popular in Canada except amongst those on the extreme political right.

Progressive Bloggers

Just a small correction to make: Woodrow Lloyd was premier in 1962.

Tommy Douglas did more for Canada in three years--the length of Harper's term of office, so far.

What's Harper's legacy?

How does it shape up against
Tommy Douglas'?

Time for a change, perhaps?

Thanks Stimpson ... duly noted!

Great post.

I hope the Democrats have more luck implementing health care than they did ending the war in Iraq.

The Democrats ran, and won on health care - by a decisive margin-in November so they have the mandate to implement rather than talk about "change". It should be full steam ahead - "Blue Dog" Democrats, or the health lobby be damned I say, they have no right to stop this.

A health care reform bill of some type WIll be passed the question is only how good or bad will it be.

Even the republiclowns know this despite what they say to their respective bases. Just enough of them will go along with a bill to ensure it's passage with the remainder remaining "stauchly opposed" to ensure they can crow when the nearly inevitable glitches occur. Talking points for the next election.

Too predictable.

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