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Tuesday, February 22, 2011 

If Corporate Tax Cuts Worked, Wisconsin's Treasury Should Be Overflowing With Cash

The RIGHT believes that tax cuts to the corporate sector work to boost and grow the economy. Hence the tax dollars of individual wage earners have been handed over to corporations and big business back to the days of Ronald Reagan. Have these tax cuts worked? Well, the American economy is ailing and unemployment is at record levels. It's hard to see where all of George Bush's tax cuts to the rich have helped anyone but the rich.

Nothing proves this better than the situation in the state of Wisconsin. All that the tax cuts to the corporate sector have ever done for the state of Wisconsin is empty the treasury.

Corporate tax cuts without a job creation requirement is like flushing tax money down the drain.

The onus is on the Teaparty, Republicans and Canada's Conservatives to bring forward proof that corporate tax cuts benefit the overall economy with jobs and increased tax revenue for the treasury. They can't. Corporate tax cuts intended to benefit the economy are simply political alchemy.

-Buckdog on DailyKOS

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