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Sunday, May 01, 2011 

An Appeal To Old Style Tories Who Do NOT Like Stephen Harper

I know you exist. I know some of you. Old style Conservatives and Progressive Conservatives who remember a Canada where your neighbour might vote differently than you but was still you neighbour. That Canada has been eroded. Things have changed. There is a nastiness in the nation now.

I somehow think that old John Diefenbaker would not like what he'd find in Canada today. I don't think 'the Chief' would see a lot to be proud of in the Harper administration.

Diefenbaker would not have agreed with much of what the Reform Party pioneered on Canada's political stage. And let's face it, Stephen Harper is a Reformer. He would never have comfortably fit into Dief's party.

Conservatives in the Maritimes must surely remember when Stephen Harper called you a 'culture of defeat'. That somehow, adverse economic conditions in your region was your fault and could be remedied if you would only adopt the 'Reform ideals of mighty Alberta'.

Stephen Harper is something other than an old time Canadian Conservative. He is hard to pin down. He avoids the Canadian people. His 5 questions a day to reporters tells the tale pretty accurately.

So, exactly why would an old style Tory go out and vote for Stephen Harper tomorrow? Out of duty to the party? Out of duty to your family tradition of voting Conservative?

As one of your neighbours, as a fellow Canadian, I implore you to either spoil your ballot or vote for someone other than Harper. While I don't advocate staying home tomorrow and NOT casting a ballot, that is an option regardless.

Ask yourself this question: Does Stephen Harper represent the ideals of the Conservative Party that your family has voted for over the years, or does he represent something new and slightly uncomfortable for you?

Please, do not vote for Harper this one time. It would be a courageous act on your part to let Harper not get his majority - in which case the party can deal with him and select a new leader who more accurately reflects both your family's ideals and the ideals of Canada.

Thanks for giving me this moment ....

Harper's a wannabe American who is furious at us for not wanting the same things he does. He is a bully and a coward who despises the weak and sucks up to the strong. He also has some very creepy religious beliefs that he's never been fully honest about.

this is what old school conservatives need to hear. Many forget that the current Conservative Party is only a few years old, and has only ever had Stephen Harper as leader.

"This ain't your grandfather's Conservative party."

There's a reason barely any of the old PC Party candidates remain in the party. There's a reason that a plurality of conservatives reside within the "big Green tent" of the Green Party now. It's not because they changed their minds and their values, it's because the "tory" party changed its own values.

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