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Monday, May 30, 2011 

If I Publish A Blog Post Denying That Climate Change Is Happening AND Praising The Tar Sands As A True Paradise ... how much will my cheque be???

"OTTAWA — The federal government has explored hiring a professional public relations firm and organizing trips for international leaders to promote Canada's oilsands industry, while fighting back against foreign climate change policies requiring it to reduce its pollution, a newly released federal document has revealed.

The action plan, prepared by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, also suggested hosting an "annual retreat" of its oilsands advocacy team in London to plan a strategy to help boost the image of the industry that has developed an international reputation, as a result of campaigns launched by environmental groups, for producing "dirty oil."

"Consideration should be given to hiring a professional PR firm to help the Pan European Oil Sands Team further develop and implement a serious public advocacy strategy," said a draft version of a 2010-2011 action plan, released through access to information legislation.

"This has to be very well co-ordinated. The PR firm would play more of an advisory role. Hiring a PR firm would involve incurring a substantial cost." [...]

A spokeswoman from the department was unable to answer questions immediately about whether it had hired a PR firm, or could provide spending estimates on the cost of site visits and the proposed annual retreat of the federal government's oilsands team.

She was also unable to say whether the government was using information from Environment Canada about the impacts of oilsands activity in its public relations strategy or explain why it described BP and Shell as "like-minded allies."

Montreal Gazette

Q - ..how much will my cheque be???

A - How about a senate seat, no matter what.

I bet I'd have to post a LOT of 'the Alberta Tar Sands are a true paradise' posts to get one of those!! LOL thanks sassy!

a senate seat representing Alberta bond trip to the tarsands - egads!

They should use the same PR company they use for asbestos.

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