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Friday, May 27, 2011 

Liberals Did This To Themselves ....

Progressive Bloggers

Remember the wars that raged between the Paul Martin and Jean Chretien camps a few years back? After the defeat of the Martin government, Liberals ripped each others eyes out in the leadership race that saw Dion elected Leader. Oops! Bad choice .. okay .. start the leadership process up again and ... voila .. new leader, Michael Ignatieff. The rest is history. The Liberal party of Canada is in the dumper.

But whose fault is it that Liberals are near death as a political party in Canada? Well according to some Liberals it is not their fault ....
"The NDP has taken great joy in dividing the Liberal Party at every opportunity during the minority years. Now, the Liberals have a golden opportunity to return the favor if they can bring what's left of their Quebec caucus onside. It won't be hard to toss federalism grenades into the NDP tent - a few mischievous opposition day motions should do the trick."

If Liberals want to know why they are irrelevant to Canadians and about to be placed by the curb of history, they need only look in the mirror.

The Liberal Party is sick. In fact, the question should be asked ... 'why does the Liberal Party of Canada bother to exist?'

-They Call Me Mr Sinister has more ...

Cartoon by kind permission of
Graeme MacKay
at mackaycartoons.net

Good questions.

I see all of those sterling defenders of progressive unity, having been soundly thrashed, are carrying on undaunted, fighting the true enemy, stephen harper, while only the selfish, blind, NDP "TOTS" continue to blah, blah, blah.

From the headlines, it seems like their "rebuilding" process is a shambles, and now, in their irrelevancy, they're scheming to divide the anti-harper opposition yet again.

Some of them are deluded, while the rest are just appartchiks with nothing else to do with themselves.


don't they have memberships to sell or fundraising to do?

Anyway, I'm wandering if it is hug a Zombie Liberal party member day because they are like from the living dead!

If the Liberals' claim to the middle ground or *the centre* is genuine, then they should focus on wrangling it away from the Cons instead attacking one another in endless internecine battles.

I've tried to distinguish individual Liberals, some of whom I have great respect for, from the Liberal Party itself. Regarding the former, it won't kill us to be charitable and extend a degree of understanding. It can't be easy, coming to grips with their third-party status or clinging desperately to their facile notion of "the centre" in a polarized landscape.

But there can only be so much understanding, and at some point they need to recognize that they don't enjoy any automatic right to govern or to Official Opposition status. And let's not confuse tribute with nostalgia; we don't need to shed too many tears for the Liberal Party as an institution.

So, dear Liberal friends, a little more tough love. You got your asses kicked. Deal with it, will you? You ran a shitty campaign and neither the Conservatives nor the NDP owe you any apology for running better ones. We've got more important things to do than watch you fight among yourselves, and sniping at the NDP just helps the Conservatives entrench.

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