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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 

Did Stephen Harper Tell Premier Brad Wall To Tone Down Any Talk About Abolishing The Senate?

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We have a bit of a political mystery in Saskatchewan today. 

Recently, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall stated very clearly that he had changed his mind on the Canadian Senate. Rather than trying to 'fix' the unelected, undemocratic institution, Wall said that he now favoured abolition. In fact, Wall quickly arranged for a referendum of members of his Saskatchewan Party to reverse their existing policy on Senate reform.

What was interesting during Wall's 'abolition' pronouncements, was the fact that Prime Minister Stephen Harper had no comment. 

But suddenly, Premier Wall seems to have slightly reversed his previous bravado on Senate abolition. What gives?

It is well known in Saskatchewan political circles, that when Stephen Harper tells Brad Wall to 'jump' ... the only question is 'how high'?

REGINAProvincial Opposition Leader Cam Broten says Premier Brad Wall needs to clarify his government’s position on introducing legislation in support of abolishing Canada’s Senate.

“Last week, we saw some waffling and some backpedalling by the premier about how strong of a stand they are going to take in terms of showing leadership here from a provincial perspective,” Broten, leader of the province’s NDP Opposition, said Monday about the Sask. Party government.

“We need to see a walk that matches the talk and the waffling and the backtracking that the premier did last week causes me to worry that for actually having a clear concrete plan to move this forward, the resolve isn’t as strong as it needs to be,” Broten added. [...]

Broten says the government’s messages have been confusing and called on the premier to take a stronger stance.

“It’s not enough simply to have the words, but there needs to be some action here. That would be a clear and concrete plan that would show leadership and show the other provinces that Saskatchewan means business. We need to see a walk that matches the talk,” Broten said.
Broten says that if the government doesn’t act, the NDP will bring forward a motion in the fall “clearly stating Saskatchewan’s position and giving that option to the Sask. Party MLAs to vote on.”
Regina Leader-Post
- MURRAY MANDRYK: Wall of silence on Senate won't do

Just a hunch, but I honestly believe Steve is going to abolish the senate (EEEKKK!! Steve doing something many of us sane people want him to do???).

Even before Margie Le Breton resigned, or perhaps (Steve told her to go), announced she was resigning her position of government head in senate.

I started believing that Stevie would be serious about this after the senate, while they did a good thing (not often, especially since Stevie Harpercon rule) and basically tore that C-377 apart (I believe that's a one hit wonder, in an attempt to convince the masses that they were not simply rubber stamps for His Highness). Yes, after they disobeyed his highness, Stevie, I am now convinced that the abolish the senate operations will begin in earnest.

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