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Friday, April 07, 2006 

MP's To Debate Afghanistan

Prime Minister Harper has stepped back from his previous position and has agreed to a special debate on the Canadian military mission to Afghanistan. The debate will occur on Monday evening, April 10th. Harper had previously insisted that a debate in the House of Commons would harm the morale of our troops. What nonsense!

Canadians have a right to know the following: a) What is the estimated length of time for our current mission in Afganistan? b) What are the projected costs of the mission? c) In view of the current American fiscal deficit to wage their campaign in Iraq, is Canada looking at a similar deficit budget to finance the mission? d) Considering Canada's long time role as an international 'peace keeper' has that role now been abandoned in view of our current active military committment?

These are all valid questions. I tip my hat to Jack Layton for his insistence on this debate.

Or not. Just what is the NDP position on the issues you outlined and others - e.g. US/ally torture chambers and prisoners in Afghanistan.

Kicking right-wing butt across the nation? What a joke. There are no bigger losers than the NDP! Do you really think that 17% of the popular vote accounts for anything? There was probably a higher percentage of drunk voters then NDP voters! Of course, you got all of the stoner votes!
Admit it, you know deep in your heart that you are a loser. Us right wingers will always kick socialist butt the way that great Conservative Winston Churchill kicked kicked that Socialist Adolf Hitler's butt!

You said "that Socialist Adolf Hitler's butt!" - see once again, we have proof that nasty individuals with uninformed opinion flock to the ranks of the right wing. You really need a political science class my friend. Hitler was an extreme RIGHT WING facist - his party had NOTHING to do with socialism. They adopted that name in the 1920's to gain credibility. Please, please go back to school or read some history. It is sad that we live in an era where those with totally uninformed opinion believe that there views are of the same calibre as informed opinion.

Nice try. I guess if you took one of Jack Layton's classes you would believe that. I suppose Churchill was really a Socialist? Maybe you're a right-winger, leftdog?
Hitler campaigned and won on a radically left of center platform. If you have studied like you claim you know that. Opposing a tax increase on corporations does not in itself make someone a right-winger.
Just how credible was socialism at the time? I believe the full name was the "National Socialist and German Workers Party". A name like that would never attract a right-winger, it would send him screaming in the opposite direction is what it would do.
But, even if what you say is true, Hitler was just one man. If he fooled people into believing he was a socialist, in order to get the "noble left-wing" to follow him, you have to then acknowledge that his followers, the ones running the death camps, were there because they thought they were doing it for socialism, not capitalism. Otherwise, the party would have campaigned as the "National Capitalist and German Business Owners Party".

Equating Hitler's 'NAZI' party with Canada's New Democratic Party borders on a SERIOUS malfunction of logic and reason. If your hatred of all things 'socialist' is because of your lack of historical knowledge, then you really should just go back to school. Oh and by the way, let me guess, I bet you believe that planet Earth is only 6,000 years old.

You forgot to call me a homophobic racist, isn't that the standard slur?
I guess that you believe Slobodan Milosevic was also a right-winger. What was the name of his party again? The Social Democratic Party? No, that can't be right.
Saddam Hussein's Baath Party, were they right-wingers also?
You left wingers have along history of trying to call anyone who disagrees with you a host of names, not the least of which is Nazi. Then come the weak excuses.
I am sure there are hundreds of socialist university professors and instructors, my sister being one of them, that will try to tell you that Hitler, Mussolini, Milosevic, Franco, etc. were all right wingers posing as socialists in order to gain, what did you call it...credibility. What you don't want to face is that that theory holds about as much water as the "earth is only 6000 years old".

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