Friday, August 21, 2015 

Harper's PMO Lawyer Spills The Beans At Duffy Trial - Harper Ignored Legal Advice And Named Senators Who Did Not Qualify - The Stinky Senate Scandal Started At That Moment

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s closest aides developed a secret plan in February 2013 to protect Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and other Conservative senators from questions about their eligibility to represent specific provinces in the upper chamber, according to documents tabled in Duffy’s criminal trial Thursday.

Harper, however, worried that delving into Senate residency rules would open a can of worms, and insisted that owning property in a province was a sufficient qualification for senators to hold their seats.

"Had I known we were going down this road, I would have shut it down long before," Harper wrote to a senior aide. "As long as they maintain a residency in their province, as per tradition, we will deem that as sufficient for this purpose … i.e. the property requirement = residence."

But the PMO’s top lawyer privately argued that Harper’s simple definition could be wrong given that the Constitution lists owning property in a province and being "resident" in a province as two distinct criteria for serving as a senator from that province."

The Ottawa Citizen

Oh and for the record:
-this blog contributed in February 2013 to the voices critical of naming individuals as Senators who clearly did not meet the residency requirement.

-And the Right leaning Regina Leader-Post contributed to the voices of support for Harper's inappropriate naming of individuals who did not meet the residency requirements.

(.. just sayin')

Thursday, August 20, 2015 

Harper In Wonderland

(This editorial, published in the Toronto Star, is bang on and a good  expression of what's happening with our dishonest and highly corrupt Prime Minister:

Stephen Harper’s Alice in Wonderland world: Editorial

A surreal Alice in Wonderland air is beginning to surround Sen. Mike Duffy’s trial, and it is shredding the government’s credibility

Just how many impossible things do Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his scandal-tainted Conservative Party expect Canadians to believe before breakfast?
A surreal Alice in Wonderland air is beginning to surround Sen. Mike Duffy’s bribery, breach of trust and fraud trial, and it is shredding the government’s credibility. In the looking-glass world of the Prime Minister and all his men, reality is what they say it is, and skeptics be damned.
Before we all get dragged down the Conservative rabbit-hole, here’s a reminder of a few big things the Tories want the public to accept in connection with the Duffy scandal:
Stephen Harper knew nothing. Harper, one of the Canada’s most rigidly controlling and media-obsessed political figures, maintains he knew nothing about plans by his former chief of staff Nigel Wright to dig into his own pocket to the tune of $90,000 to repay Duffy’s dubious living expenses. How this could be when Harper’s closest aides in the Prime Minister’s Office and even people outside of government were deeply involved is hard to fathom.
Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair have both called on Harper to “come clean” and “tell the truth.”
Ray Novak knew nothing. Backed by the Conservative party,Harper’s current top aide and chief of staff before the election also maintains he knew nothing about the payment when he served as Harper’s principal secretary, the PMO’s second-highest job.
Yet Harper’s former legal adviser Ben Perrin flatly challenges that. He told the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that Novak was at a meeting when Wright advised Perrin that he was going to give Duffy the money. “I remember looking at Ray to see his reaction,” Perrin told police, saying it was “black and white” that Novak knew Wright was paying. Perrin also says Novak listened in on a phone call to Duffy’s lawyer when Wright spoke of the payment. And Novak received an email from Wright confirming “I will send my cheque on Monday.” Still, Novak knew nothing.
He can’t have known, Tory campaign spokesman Kory Teneycke says without any discernable hint of irony, because “it’s unfathomable that Ray would be aware of a payment … and not tell the prime minister.”
Wright and Duffy alone are to blame. Harper continues to insist that there are only “two people … who are responsible,” Duffy and Wright, and he has thrown them overboard.
It’s a convenient line. But Canadians know that it was an impressively large cast of Tory actors who conspired to contain the broader Duffy political scandal by solving his problems with a Senate audit and his disputed expenses, who cheered on the sleazy scheme or knew about it.
That cast includes not only Harper himself, but also Wright and Novak, Perrin, Wright’s former assistant David van Hemmen, former PMO communications chief Andrew MacDougall, former PMO issues management director Chris Woodcock, former PMO director of parliamentary affairs Patrick Rogers, Conservative Party bagman Sen. Irving Gerstein, and senior Tory senators Marjory LeBreton and David Tkachuk. All have been named in connection with trying to make the Duffy problem go away. The rot runs wide and deep.
Whatever credence Canadians may give to Harper’s assertion that he knew nothing of Wright’s payout, it is obvious that he and his office were all “good to go” with a shabby scheme to shield Duffy and the government from more embarrassment, to mislead the public into thinking that Duffy had willingly repaid, and to tamp down public anger over Senate spending abuses. The PMO, if not the PM, conspired to keep the public in the dark about the secret payoff to a man they felt had abused taxpayers’ money. And the party, at one point, was prepared to dip into its own funds to make the sleazy deceit happen.
Having betrayed the public trust and debased their brand, the Conservatives are inviting us to join the Mad Hatter’s tea party, swallowing whatever impossible thing they roll out of the pantry.
The Star

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 

The Baby Boomer 'Woodstock Generation' Is Now Old And As A Demographic Group Are Voting For Stephen Harper !!

This week marks the 46th Anniversary of a pivotal moment in Baby Boomer culture and history. The 1969 Woodstock Rock Festival is nearly a half century old and the generation that spawned it and basked in it for decades afterwards is now in its Senior years.

Love, Peace, Brotherhood, Sisterhood .... the Boomer generation labeled itself as hip, progressive and ground breaking. They mercilessly protested the Vietnam War and helped move public opinion to a more progressive tone signaled by the ousting of President Richard Nixon in the USA, the Quiet Revolution in Quebec and the liberalizing of Canadian society during the 70's and 80's.

Along the way since then, the Boomers took jobs, got careers, had kids, took on mortgages, began paying taxes and generally prospered like no other generation of Canadians ever had before.

But half a century later, the reality of 2015 is that this aging Boomer generation is now single handedly keeping Stephen Harper and his quasi-authoritarian government in power.

Any analysis of support for Harper by age demographic shows that the Baby Boom generation is old, worried and voting to keep the Conservatives in power. Of course there are exceptions and there are many who do not support Harper, don't get me wrong .. but again, as an age demographic the Woodstock Nation is now the largest slice of Canadian society that has turned to the 'Right' in a big way. Harper needs them to be re-elected and he is pandering to them daily in his election advertising.

Anyone who wants to defeat Stephen Harper and his crew of crooks & liars needs to stop for a moment and reflect on who their older family members are going to vote for on October 19th,

Is your old Baby Boomer dad going to vote Conservative? How about your Mom? Your Grandparents... now in their late 60's or 70's. Have they moved from playing Rolling Stones records to now casting votes for Harper? If the answer is YES ... then you have a responsibility before election day. You have to sit .. one on one with your older family member and clearly point out to them that by voting for Stephen Harper they are hurting their children, grand children and generations of the family to come. Period. Do not candy coat it.

Preface the discussion by acknowledging the contributions made by the Baby Boom generation over the years. A more open, tolerant and equitable society was their earlier goal. Why not now? Why are they supporting a 'democracy/freedom suppressing' guy like Harper? Demonstrate that he is as bad as Nixon EVER was !!!

Have the talk. You may help save the nation

This is kinda what I'm talking about ...

Monday, August 17, 2015 

Veterans Prevented From Entering Legion Hall While Harper Meets With Small Handful of 'Friendly' Vets .. Shame !!

A group of Canadian military veterans said they were denied access to a Stephen Harper event held at a legion in New Brunswick Monday morning.

Fabian Henry of the organization Marijuana for Trauma said that he and six other veterans heard Sunday night that Conservative leader Harper and Veterans Affairs Minister Erin O'Toole were coming to the No. 4 Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion in Fredericton.

His organization has four branches across the country. It is run by veterans aiming to help vets with post-traumatic stress disorder ease their pain with marijuana treatment.

Henry rounded up some other veterans, most of whom served in Afghanistan, and headed to the event to "shake a hand or do something to talk about veterans affairs issues."

But when they arrived, some "guys in suits" said that was out of the question.

"We weren't even allowed in the building," Henry said. "We were standing outside thinking we were going to get in to at least listen to what was happening or voice any concerns. That didn't happen."

Instead the group went around the back of the building and watched Harper get off the bus, go inside for 15 minutes, then get back on the bus and leave without acknowledging their presence.
The Conservative party said in an email that Harper was talking to veterans inside of the building
The Tyee


I have one simple question for all of those trained seals who stand behind Steve Harper at his secret, controlled campaign rallies ....

... and that question is:

W T F ???

Sunday, August 16, 2015 


Progressive Bloggers


There is NO other way to describe it.

Saturday, August 15, 2015 

In Spite Of Conservative and Liberal Rhetoric ... The Sask NDP Governments of Romanow And Calvert BALANCED 14 Consecutive Provincial Budgets .. Thomson Would Make A Good Candidate For HoC

The Saskatchewan NDP were elected in 1991 after 9 disastrous years of PC rule under Grant Devine. Devine did not balance even one of his 9 budget and left the province of 1 million citizens in debt totaling $14 Billion. The incoming Romanow NDP government had a deficit in its first two budgets but … the NDP balanced the NEXT 14 PROVINCIAL BUDGETS.
Don’t let Conservative and Liberal lies dissuade you. Look at the record .. look at the facts.

"The federal New Democrats are pitting a former Saskatchewan finance minister against the incumbent federal minister in the Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence, in a bid to shore up the party's credibility on the economic front.
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair was confident that Thomson can defeat Conservative Joe Oliver, but the NDP has never done well in the riding.
"The NDP's Andrew Thomson offers the people of Eglinton-Lawrence something that Joe Oliver hasn't — a record of balanced budgets," Mulcair said.
Mulcair said he'll take Thomson's economic record in Saskatchewan over that of Oliver and Prime Minister Stephen Harper any day.
As finance minister in Saskatchewan, Thomson brought in big tax cuts in 2006 and skirmished with the federal government over equalization payments.
Mulcair said an NDP government would give Parliament's budget officer more powers so Canadians have a much better window into the budget process.
"Our plan will enshrine budget transparency into law," Mulcair said as he announced the policy at a campaign event in Toronto."

*typo corrected. Apologies. The author of this blog is severely visually impaired after failed detached retina surgery and ongoing glaucoma. Typos occur when I am unable to get someone to help me proof read. My ongoing apologies for this. Please be patient :)

Friday, August 14, 2015 

"Stephen Harper Is Either Psychotic Or He Was In On Everything That Happened In The Duffy / Senate Scandal" - Rick Mercer

Bingo !!!

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