Tuesday, May 08, 2018 

Sexual Harassment Survivor Brings Forward Complaint Against NDP MP Christine Moore ...

NDP MP Christine Moore, who alleged improper conduct by a fellow MP, is facing troubling accusations herself.



Sunday, May 06, 2018 

A Message To Every Sitting Member Of The Federal NDP Caucus!

Shame on you for how MP Erin Weir has been treated.
You consider yourselves the Party of Tommy Douglas and Jack Layton??!!!! Shame!!!

Friday, May 04, 2018 

I Have Been A Member Of The Federal NDP Since 1981 ... Until Today

Since February 1, 2018 Mr. Singh has conducted the worst possible investigatory process imaginable concluding in a character assassination of my elected NDP Member of Parliament, Erin Weir.

As of today, with 37 years of Party membership under my belt, I have left the Federal New Democratic Party of Canada. Adieu.



Tuesday, April 03, 2018 

Mr. Singh .. Perhaps Consider Leaving Before You Take The New Democratic Party Down With Your Amateurish Attempts At Leadership

I'm losing confidence in Jagmeet Singh

"Singh has also left Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir twisting in the wind for two months after suspending him from party duties based on a vague email allegation by a fellow caucus member".
"More Risk Than Reward"

Friday, March 16, 2018 

I NEVER Thought I Would Have To Look For Reasons To Remain In the Federal NDP ....

I've voted New Democrat in all Federal elections since 1972 with membership since 1981. With the woeful inexperience and bad judgement of the current Leader, I don't feel comfortable in the Federal Party anymore. Under his short leadership, major Party issues have been sidelined by 'Khalistan' while on the Convention floor the hot divisive issue was the Party's stand on 'Palestine'. I've knocked on thousands of doors for the Party over the years and I can assure you these are NOT vote getting issues for us! Ongoing affiliation for me is very shaky. I am actively looking for reasons to stay.

As well, Jagmeet Singh's ongoing mistreatment of my MP Erin Weir has gone on for 44 days without resolution. Jagmeet's inexperience and international outward focus is hurting the Party.

What a mess  :(

Thursday, February 22, 2018 

I Did NOT Support Jagmeet Singh For Leader Of Canada's NDP (and his actions have confirmed that i voted correctly!!)

Dear Jagmeet Singh!
It is unfortunate that your lengthy, ongoing mistreatment of current sitting New Democrat Member of Parliament, Erin Weir, continues! This is highly unacceptable!! You placed him in political limbo for over 3 weeks based on NO actual allegations .. then you opened a 3 week 'fishing expedition' so that any 'actual' complaints could be made. 'Guilty until proven innocent' was the WRONG move on this matter Jagmeet. I did not support you for Leader and your high handed treatment of my Member of Parliament proves that i was correct to not vote for you. This is NOT how Jack Layton would have treated a Member of the NDP Caucus ... Resolve this!!!!

Monday, February 12, 2018 

'Guilty until proven innocent' Has NOT Been A Policy of The New Democratic Party Until Jagmeet Singh's Leadership

Ten days after NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh suspended MP Erin Weir, details on the 'investigation' and timeline were finally revealed on CTV's 'Question Period'. While no allegations against Mr. Weir had been received by Mr. Singh, a personal attack by a fellow caucus member saw the suspension of Mr. Weir from Caucus duties.

Mr. Weir is my MP, I voted for him and tried to help with his election. I write this opinion on my own without consultation with anyone. I am speaking publicly against Mr. Singh's actions because i have no other mechanism to raise my voice on this injustice.

Here is what Mr. Singh has finally outlined concerning the 'investigation' of 'allegations' against Mr. Weir:

Window to report allegations in Weir investigation closing
As for the process underway to handle the third-party claims of "harassing behaviour towards women" levelled against Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir, Singh said there are about 10 days left in a two-week window for any potential victims to come forward with specific allegations. (!!!!!!!)
On Feb. 1 Singh announced the NDP would launch a probe into the claims levelled against him by fellow NDP MP Christine Moore in an email to caucus.
According to a copy of the email, Weir is named directly by Moore, who alleges that "too many women (mostly employee [sic])" have complained to her about Weir harassing them.
Based on what’s been made public, there is no indication these allegations involved incidents that were sexual in nature.
The independent investigation got underway formally on Feb. 6, Singh’s chief of staff Willy Blomme announced earlier this week.
Blomme said the investigation is being conducted by Michelle Flaherty who is a University of Ottawa law professor and member of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.
"Once Dr. Flaherty’s work is complete, the MP's role in caucus will be re-evaluated," she said in a statement.
Singh said the part of the investigation where the investigator will be open to hearing from victims will total two weeks, closing on Feb. 20.
"Then, the investigator has requested some time to evaluate how long it will actually take to prepare the report," Singh said.
Citing the investigation, Singh would not comment on whether any men or women had come forward with specific allegations against Weir.
As of last week when Weir appeared on Question Period, no one had spoken up to his knowledge.
"We understand that this is a matter that needs to be done very urgently and we’ll try our best to have it done in an expedient manner," said Singh. - CTV's Fifth Estate - Feb 11/18

To have my MP suspended from his caucus duties based upon no allegations and then subjected to a 2 week penalty period in order to allow 'possible allegations' to be made against him is a mockery of justice of any kind! This is not the NDP way of treating persons .... this is something else and it is an injustice to Mr. Weir.

In my years of defending the New Democratic Party on this blogsite, I can say that I have NEVER seen worse administrative decisions made by a Leader of the NDP. What Mr. Singh has done to my Member of Parliament is highly unacceptable and may well be clear evidence that  he is out of his league in federal politics.

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