Thursday, February 21, 2019 

Senator Dave Tkachuk (former Principal Secretary to Saskatchewan Premier Grant Devine) Calls For Liberals To Be 'Killed'

There is something VERY wrong with Right Wing thinking in Canada .. it is becoming more extreme, more violent and more intolerant of democracy. Here is Saskatchewan Conservative Senator Tkachuk demanding that protesting truckers "roll over" members / supporters of the Liberal Party of Canada!! The convoy of trucks were parked near Parliament Hill and the Senator's play on words strongly alludes to killing Liberals by rolling over them with their trucks. This is totally unacceptable in our Canadian society / democracy!!!

Senator Tkachuk was the former Principal Secretary to disgraced former Conservative Saskatchewan Premier Grant Devine,

"I know you've rolled all the way here, and I'm going to ask you one more thing: I want you to roll over every Liberal left in the country," Tkachuk told convoy-supporting protestors. Cheers erupted from the crowd."

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 

Liberal Candidate Karen Wang* Leaves Burnaby South Byelection After Racist Comments Against Jagmeet Singh!

There is NEVER room for racist attacks or racial valuations in Canadian politics! It's appropriate that the Liberal Candidate has withdrawn her candidacy in this key byelection!
Press Progress

* =typo corrected.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 

Jagmeet Singh Is Not Ready For Prime Time Politics In Canada ....

"During an appearance on the political show CTV Question Period, Singh appeared to be unaware of a news story that made a lot of headlines last week. Singh was asked how he would respond, if elected prime minister, to the recent statement by China’s Canadian ambassador Lu Shaye, that Canada and its Western allies’ calls for the release of two Canadians detained in China is rooted in 'white supremacy.'

“Sorry, who accused who of white supremacy?” Singh asked his interviewer. He later told the Toronto Star he didn’t hear the initial question. Host Evan Solomon repeated it in full and asked how Singh would have responded if he were prime minister. “I don’t know if there is any evidence of that suggestion,” Singh said, then quickly pivoted to talking about U.S. President Donald Trump. Global News

Friday, September 14, 2018 

Jagmeet Singh Decides It Is Politically Wise To Spit In The Face Of Saskatchewan New Democrats :(

Everything that has ever happened in the ranks of the New Democratic Party of Canada before his arrival, seems to be of no interest to Jagmeet Singh. What a sad day for the New Democratic Party of Canada.

Every Member of the Federal NDP Caucus who remains silent on his scathing comments to Saskatchewan members is complicit with Mr. Singh's disrespect and reckless negligence in handling the affairs of the Federal Party. (I am talking to you Nathan Cullen, Charlie Angus, Guy Caron ....etc etc etc) :(

-Globe & Mail

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s Problems Worsen Before Todays Caucus Meeting In BC

Many pragmatic, experienced veterans of the New Democratic Party of Canada are preparing for the Party to be nearly obliterated in the upcoming 2019 Election under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh.

The reasons are many, but none more public than Singh's handling of the Erin Weir and Christine Moore harassment allegations in the Federal Caucus.  Singh has also managed to ignite an outright battle with the governing New Democrats in Alberta over pipelines and a nasty battle with Saskatchewan Federal New Democrats over the excommunication of MP Erin Weir.

It is unfortunate that at their Caucus meeting starting today in BC,  the Members of the Federal NDP Caucus will rally around Singh, attack his critics and venture forward over the next year with grim determination while Canada witnesses the electoral sinking of the Federal NDP. 

Perhaps from the remains of the Federal NDP will arise a social democratic option in Canada for the 21st Century that is not burdened with the current idiotic 'rebel without a clue'  leadership that is currently suffocating it.

-Globe & Mail -The Star

Monday, September 10, 2018 

Federal NDP Caucus Meets To Figure Out 'What possibly could have gone wrong here?"

JAGMEET SINGH!!! Just resign so that New Democrats can repair the damage your inexperience and stubbornness created before the next Federal Election!!


Weir and Moore Demonstrate Singh / Federal NDP Stunning Hypocrisy

Weir and Moore Demonstrate Singh / NDP Stunning Hypocrisy
September 9th, 2018 

So much for the federal NDP’s pretense of being the party of fairness, equality and even reconciliation.
The differences between leader Jagmeet Singh’s and the federal party’s internal handling of two “inappropriate conduct” cases involving two NDP MPs recently are staggering … and horribly hypocritical.
Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir was elected for the NDP in the 2015 election … but, as reported by Global News “was suspended from the caucus in February after fellow New Democrat Christine Moore sent an email to her caucus colleagues saying she had heard numerous complaints about Weir allegedly harassing staffers.”
NO ONE had directly filed a complaint against Weir, but news reports at the time said he made women in the workplace uncomfortable by standing too close, talked too long to some,  and had, according to Singh  “failed to read non-verbal cues in social situations” that his advances were unwelcome.
Weir was IMMEDIATELY suspended from the NDP caucus while a third-party investigation took place: it supported “one claim of harassment and three claims of sexual harassment”.
“The report states that when he realized that his advances were unwanted, he stopped.” Singh admitted.
 Weir said he never intended to embarrass or harass anyone and underwent counselling,  but Singh would not budge and last week, the MP was EXPELLED from the NDP caucus.
“Singh’s letter to Weir, however, says he still hasn’t taken “responsibility publicly” for “attacking” former caucus colleagues. It also says the president of the NDP’s staff union warned him that Weir’s reinstatement would violate workers’ right to a harassment-free work environment.,” according to The Toronto Star.
Singh and the NDP being VERY TOUGH on sexual harassment or impropriety in the workplace! Bravo! Very principled!
But remember Christine Moore?   She’s the NDP MP who reportedly had first brought Weir’s actions to the attention of Singh.
Well, she also got into hot water with the NDP   … when two months after the Weir situation,  it was revealed a seriously wounded Canadian Afghan War veteran and witness before a Parliamentary committee in 2013,  accused Moore herself of “inappropriate sexual behaviour”.
Retired Corporal Glen Kirkland alleged the NDP MP had invited him back to her office, served him drinks, visited him in his hotel where they had sex, later sent him explicit messages and even showed up unannounced at his home in Manitoba, where he rebuffed her.
 “Moore strongly denied the relationship with Glen Kirkland was anything but fully mutual and consensual” the CBC later reported.
But still ….
An MP getting involved in a sexual relationship with a witness at a Parliamentary committee sure seems WORSE to me … a LOT worse … than standing too close to others at work or “not heeding non-verbal signals”.
But apparently, NOT to Singh and the NDP.
Sure, they again ordered a third-party investigation … but the handling of that one, right from the start, and the outcome was QUITE different from what Weir had faced.
Moore was relieved on her duties, but she was NOT immediately suspended from caucus … as Weir had been … pending the investigation. Why not????
Kirkland later complained he wasn’t even interviewed as part of the investigation; and, in July, the investigation cleared Moore of any harassment and abuse of authority allegations; she was welcomed back to full duties within the NDP caucus.
So it certainly seems that, for the federal NDP, MPs having relationships/sex with witnesses appearing before their Parliamentary committees is quite ok  … or at least forgivable,  but standing close to people while talking and  protesting one’s innocence, even while undergoing behaviour counseling … is not.


Again, from my personal point of view … having spent 38 years covering politicians at local, regional, provincial and even the federal level (including 8 years right there on Parliament Hill) … Moore’s admitted actions are FAR more troubling than Weir’s.
And yet, Singh has rejected Weir’s attempts at rehabilitation and reconciliation … and refused to accept him back in the NDP caucus or let him run for the party in the next federal election.
While Moore is embraced once more , the injured Canadian war vet Cpl. Kirkland ‘s complaint remains unresolved.
Looks to me like a federal NDP double standard: Weir (MP for Regina-Lewvan) is a male, from Saskatchewan (14 seats); Moore (MP for Abitibi-Temiscamingue) is a female, from Quebec   (75 seats).
I think it stinks.
. Keeping it Real - Harv Oberfeld

Friday, September 07, 2018 

NDP Survey Asks Supporters To Rate Jagmeet Singh In His First Year As Party Leader

I joined the federal New Democrats in November, 1981 and after 37 years of continuous membership, I had my membership in the Federal NDP cancelled in the spring of 2018 specifically because of the horrible performance by new leader, Jagmeet Singh.

So,as a result, I will not receive a copy of the Federal NDP's survey.

Allow me to once again communicate with the Federal NDP and tell them how Jagmeet Singh is performing as Leader.

#FAIL  :(

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