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Thursday, May 04, 2006 

Taxpayers Federation Minimizes Holocaust!

Wow! The following words appear on the Canadian Taxpayers Federation blogsite:
"Yet in 1938, according to both William Shirer and John Toland, the Nazi regime held no more than 20,000 political prisoners. Political executions up to the time might have reached a couple thousand, and most of these were of renegade Nazis themselves during the indiscriminate butchery known as the "Night of the Long Knives." The famous Kristallnacht that horrified civilized opinion worldwide caused a grand total of 71 deaths. This in a nation of 70 million. Cuba was a nation of 6.5 million in 1959. Within three months in power, Castro and Che had shamed the Nazi prewar incarceration and murder rate.

In an example of the motto "The best defence is a good offence", the CTF has decided to attack anyone criticising David MacLean's promulgation of Holocaust trivialization as "communist anarchists". Are true colours being shown here?

Here is the URL to this bizarre trivialization:
Canadian TaxPayers Federation Blog story
NOTE: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation have deleted the blog thread.

Those aren't my words. Those are the words of someone else. And that author is not trivializing the holocaust. He argues that Che's mass murders, by scale, are equivalent of Nazi Germany.

Mr. McLean... you just did it AGAIN!!! You are spouting historical inaccuracies and if you don't agree with the words you posted, why did you post them? And why are you repeating them again here?

Back pedal all want, you are just digging yourself a deeper hole.!!

If they are innacurate, have that debate. Have an intelligent discussion about whether you agree with Fontova. That's what blogs are for. I post lots of things I don't agree with all the time. If you disagree with Fontova's statement, talk about it and explain why. I regret that this point is lost on you.

Make your case, and we'll here it. You haven't done that so far.

Why is the post removed? Because I was getting emails accusing the CTF of diminishing the horrors of the holocaust. I wasn't, but that's not the fight I want. There is no percentage in that.

You shouldn't seek to silence others, you should seek to prove them wrong. If Fontova is wrong, fine. This is the purpose of blogging.

You absolutely were diminishing the horrors of the holocaust. Your intense hatred of anything politically 'left' is such that you felt you could get away with exagerating historical fact to suit your anti-left agenda. By advocating that the post revolution Cuban situation and the horrors of 8 million Jewish people being killed by Hitler were different only by the 'number of deaths' is preposterous, offensive, ignorant and worthy of all of the outrage you and your association are receiving. In the thread that you have deleted (and are running away from) you made your opinion very clear that the only difference between the Cuban post-revolutionary era and the Nazi Holocaust is the total number killed. You and your association owe us all an apology.

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