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Tuesday, December 19, 2006 

Marijuana Top U.S. Cash Crop

So what is the largest American cash agricultural product? Corn?... nope. Wheat? ... nope. Tobacco? ... nope.

The number one cash crop in the good old United States of America is Marijuana!!!

Yesiree ... that will probably drive all of the fundamentalist, right wing, reactionary, mid west, Republican nutbars crazy!!

It also demonstrates that we are in the middle of a 21st Century 'Prohibition' and perhaps it is time that the lawmakers take their heads out of the sand, and recognize that a huge portion of the population is going to use cannibas.

The ongoing criminalization of this product makes absolutely NO sense. The legal system and jails are plugged up with individuals who have broken existing laws against marijuana. It is time to be realistic, to be practical and find a way to decriminalize marijuana. To not do so, is illogical.


I'm afraid there is little political will to change the "war on drugs" now. The US uses their wars as a deterrent from any social domestic issues; that includes their war on drugs.

Interesting to think so much political effort goes into the war on drugs in the US, yet in Afghanistan the drug lords are b(l)ooming like never before.

Without significant policital change in the US's political system (which is going to take decades) not much change is expected when it comes to maintaining old wars (drugs, Iraq) or inventing new (Iran) ones. It get's, to say the least, tiring, and the American people pay big bucks for their wars (not to speak about the victims of war).

On the other hand, Canada could make a lot of money from their drug industry through legalisation and taxation. That's going to take a while too, especially with Conservatives governments who like to turn back the clock about 50 years on anything.

Too true. Gotta keep "drugs" tied to "morality" issues so we can keep the lines clear between the good Christians and the godless liberals.

To stop doing so would open the door to dangerous possibilities. People might begin to notice things like lack of healthcare, sky high rates of incarceration, murder rates that rival Columbias, etc.

Can't have folks dwelling on those things.

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