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Friday, January 26, 2007 

Cheney’s Daughter Questions Patriotism of Americans Who Disagree With Bush

It is bad enough that Americans have to deal with Vice President Dick Cheney and his war fevered rhetoric. Now they are being assailed by Cheney offspring.

Daughter Liz Cheney had an op-ed published in the Washington Post that chastised Americans for not being loyal enough to President Bush and as a result are disloyal to America.

“Let’s be clear,” Liz Cheney wrote. “If we restrict the ability of our troops to fight and win this war, we help the terrorists. Don’t take my word for it. Read the plans of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Ayman Zawahiri to drive America from Iraq, establish a base for al-Qaeda and spread jihad across the Middle East.”

-Consortium News
-Washington Post Article


I'm not really sure what you mean- doesn't she speak the truth? If the Americans don't quell the violence, who will? If they withdraw, it will be the Balkans all over again, with an Islamist twist. Jordan and Saudi Arabia are already shaking in their boots- an unstable Iraq is their worst nightmare.

Is it just me or has the Cheney clan generally been more in the public eye in the past couple weeks? Dick gave some interviews, now this thing. I wonder if someone in the administration is trying to take the focus off of Bush's utter inability to squeeze 21 500 more troops out the armed forces to put in Iraq. He looks so weak now.

this cheney or the other one?

She's just parroting her dad. But her assertion is absurd. If Bush fails..... again, Iraq will not become an Al Qaeda base. Al Qaeda is Sunni. The Shia militias are far stronger and will slaughter the Al Qaeda fighters.

I agree with Mike Stark's letter to the editor published in the Jan 26 2007 Washington Post:

"Liz Cheney has spoken. The war is good. The war is important. She should be happy to know that because the Army raised the maximum enlistment age to 42, she too, can take part. Motherhood should be no obstacle to her; mothers have been risking their necks since Day One of this war. Or does Liz Cheney, as was the case with her father, have 'other priorities?' "

She forgot to mention that Bush and her Daddy Dearest were two of the architects for the plan that allowed Al-Qaeda into Iraq. Oops.

greenbox - the other sister ....

tomcat - it is amazing how little Bush - Rumsfeld - Cheney cared to learn about Iraq before they launched this folly. No knowledge of Sunni or Shite, or even how the nation of Iraq was hived together after WW1 - a bunch of 'know it alls' who know nothing at all.

True dawg!! The parallels and differences between Yugoslavia and Iraq are interesting. Both are artificial countries, imperialistically cobbled together out of groups with long standing enmity. Both had dictatorial leaders holding them together, and both descended into violence when the 'strong man' was gone. But, in Yugoslavia the US intervened to quell the violence with broad international support to help allow the country to divide into its ethnic parts. In Iraq, Bush invaded to grab the oil and establish a permanent military presence there with little international support and much international outrage. Instead of letting the country to divide on ethnic lines, he forced a 'Unity government' where there is no unity. And he so badly mismanaged the aftermath of the invasion, choosing to protect the Oil Ministry instead of the people's infrastructure that the violence escalated to where the only diversion the Sunni and Shia fighters get from killing each other is killing US and UK troops.

I just added you to my 'Blogs I Like' lost. Pardon the delay.

Thanks TC!!

You're mist welcome, Dawg!!

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