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Thursday, January 25, 2007 

Is Harper Playing Politics With Saskatchewan's Equalization?

There is a very disturbing quote from Prime Minister Stephen Harper in today's Regina Leader Post. It is disturbing because if you read it carefully, it seems to indicate that the reason that Harper is hesitating to keep his equalization election promise to Saskatchewan is because that province has a New Democratic government.

"I've said repeatedly the government will honour its commitments," Harper said. "But we aren't going to be able to make the NDP a good government in Saskatchewan."

If Stephen Harper is playing around with money that rightly belongs to Saskatchewan, that was PROMISED to Saskatchewan because he doesn't like the political stripe of the provincial government, then he should come clean and spell that out clearly.

Let's see if someone in the Harper government ranks can clarify Harper's disturbing statement!

Regina Leader Post

Progressive Bloggers

Which is ironically what I talked about here.

It's up to the SP's now. The ball has been served to them.


He does sounds like Bush. Bush played politics with Hurricane Katrina, wanting to federalize the response in Louisiana, which has a Democratic Governor, but wanting to leave the Republican Governor in charge in Mississippi.the

Giving Saskatchewan the 'big one' on equalization just because he doesn't like the provincial NDP government is ridiculous. Nay, it's childish.

Similarly, when a student at CMU in Winnipeg asked CPC MP Steven Fletcher why the government won't give "one red cent" to the democratically elected Hamas Palestinian Authority (to run public services and what-not), Fletcher replied: If foreign governments want aid from Canada, their people should be careful who they elect.

Elect. As in DEMOCRACY. If you want our help, you better elect the people we like.

It's sickening the way the CPC disregards democracy.

Harper is so clearly an ideologue that few should be surprised by this.

The dishonesty in his case is intellectual - he'll say whatever he thinks he needs to in order to achieve power. Then, sometime later, the truth will come flopping out.

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