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Thursday, February 15, 2007 

Canadians Are Being Prepared For American Hit On Iran

There is a somewhat disturbing article in the National Post entitled, "How Canada Can Help Contain The Iranian Threat" by David Harris and Sayeh Hassan. Their bios state, "David Harris is a lawyer, senior fellow for national security at the Canadian Coalition for Democracies (CCD), and former Canadian Security and Intelligence Service chief of strategic planning. He is counsel to the CCD. Sayeh Hassan is an articling student and a democracy activist who was born in Iran."

Hmmm the Canadian Coalition for Democracies. So I did a bit of searching and found that the CCD has some interesting history. They are fanatically anti-Palestinian, pro-Bush and they always call China - "Communist China", they have links with Daniel Pipes - you detect the right wing pattern here (?) - and most interesting is the award they gave to Stockwell Day in 2004. I bet they are getting ready to give Jason Kenney one too!

So in the article they go to great length to explain how dangerous Iran is to everyone on the planet ... blah blah blah .... pointing out ways we as Canadians can help 'contain the Iranian threat'. The evidence of a looming strike against Iran is begining to pile up. This article nicely does the job of softening up Canadians for that possibility.

In the article, they advocate:
-suspending the $300 Million worth of bilateral trade with Iran
-freezing Iranian funds because, "Some of this money could well have been misappropriated from Iranians. The Harper government should freeze such Canadian based assets."

They conclude their bizarre arguments with "In years to come, Canadians will look back on the coming months and reflect whether the international community showed sufficient resolve to avert a catastrophe. By keeping all options on the table, and working decisively with our allies, Prime Minister Stephen Harper can help ensure that the international community's efforts will not be found wanting. In truth, he -- and we --have no choice."

I believe that Bush is going to hit Iran. I think it is just a question of when.

National Post


The CCD is the sleazy organization that tried to smear Liberal candidate Omar Alghabra as a Muslim extremist during the last election.

Thanks - these guys need to be exposed. Oh and notice overall how many former Reform MP's (now Conservative MP's) sitting at Harper's cabinet table are tied in with these extremist right wing groups. Jason Kenney, Rob Anders, Stockwell Day.

Afraid you are right, we're going to do it. Just a matter of when.

One of the things I find interesting here is the contingent (unfortunately mostly on the left) that believes it is Israel "pushing us" to strike Iran when in reality it would be Israel that would likely suffer the most should we do so.

We've had 2 days of non-stop Bush & Co on the news speechifying against Iran and the "terrorist threat" so Canada isn't alone in being "warmed up" for the coming fun & games.

mama the exact same thing happened in the lead up to the Iraqi invasion. There is also apparently a build up in the Persian gulf and an Admiral is now the ranking military officer in the region.

Personally, I think the President of Iran is a mental case and I will never like governments that are based on religion, but at the same time, there is a movement in Iran of students, academics and activists who are slowly moving the nation towards a more moderate approach.

Bush wants a change of government administration there NOW and I think you are right... it's "Just a matter of when."

I'm hoping against hope that he doesn't but fearing agsinst fear that he will. I'm not sure if he's a psychopath, sociopath or both.

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