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Friday, February 02, 2007 

Fraser Institute Charges $11,000 Per Head To Meet Stephen Harper

Canada's Fraser Institute was attempting to charge business persons $11,000 per head to tag along and meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper. When the Prime Minister's Office discovered that the Fraser's were charging big bucks, the whole meeting was cancelled. The following article details the incident:

John Ivison, National Post
Published: Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"OTTAWA - The Prime Minister cancelled a meeting with a delegation of well-heeled Canadian business leaders yesterday after learning that the free-market think-tank organizing the briefing was charging delegates $11,000 each.

"It was a complete surprise. We were not aware it was being used as a fundraiser," said Sandra Buckler, the Prime Minister's director of communications, after being told by the National Post that the Fraser Institute, a registered charity, was asking business leaders to donate $10,000 to its coffers, in addition to $1,000 for food and accommodation, for the chance to meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Governor of the Bank of Canada David Dodge and a number of other political and public policy leaders."

National Post


He said that, despite being perceived by many people as a right-wing organization, the Institute is non-partisan and has no direct links to the Conservative party.

Wonder if he said this with a straight face. While standing in front of Mike Harris would have been perfect.

Good question. Have you noticed the ease with which the extreme right is able to lie with a straight face? It comes from their self righteous belief that they are correct in all things - therefore to them the end does justify the means.

What gets me is that Harper and company can have such strong links to extremists like the Fraser Institute or the National Citizens Coalition and yet insist that the CPC is a moderate party.

They are playing by minority government rules now, but watch out if they ever got a majority.

Dan, I agree totally. My take on this is that Harper's inner circle consists of his old Reform party buddies (Jason Kenney, Stockwell Day, Rob Anders). The old style Tories like those from Atlantic Canada and Rural Ontario have NO real say.

I am convinced the we actually have a Reform Party or neo Reform Party government. Preston Manning works for the Fraser Institute.

This is where the real power resides. Tories like Peter MacKay and others have been moved to the sidelines. The Alberta Reformers in the Caucus are running the show.

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