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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 

Iraq is Broken - British Pulling Out

Iraq is broken. 'All the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn't put Iraq back together again."

Ever pragmatic, the British understand that Iraq is so totally screwed up, there is nothing that can be done to fix the disaster that George Bush has created.

As a result, Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced that some British troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by May and all the troops will be fully removed by 2008.

The Guardian


It's about time they did pull out. Are the British actually European? They are on an Island, right?

i've read British pundits who claim that the main reason Blair went into Iraq with Bush is because he did not want history to portray him like Chamberlain who did not stand up to Hitler (the famous 'peace in our time ' speech).

But the entire situation is a disaster. Blair knows it and has to find a way to disengage.

When the British are gone, Bu$hCo will be hard pressed to define "allied forces."

Tony Blair has with political will to do what the US Congress does not.

That stint of being Dubya's Poodle didn't go so well for Blair, now did it?
So now, the *cough* "Coalition of the Willing" (who thinks up these HORRID catch-names") is a "Coalition of One Fucked-Up, Coked-Up FIRST-EVER appointed Squatting President).
It is VERY comforting to know some Canadians are with us in our utter & complete disdain for Dubya's illegal & immoral war.
Rock on.

This was almost non-news to me, was inevitable wasn't it?

Holding off on any strong opinion since I was unable to hear Blair's entire speech. Our lovely CNN cut him off in less than 3 minutes. They said "obviously he is going to go on and on" so they didn't want to waste valuable airtime that could be spent covering Brittany's new hairdo.

So, Bucky, I assume you agree then that the British, being "ever pragmatic" in your view, were correct to go to Iraq in the first place? I mean, they are "ever pragmatic", are they not?

such blistering humour ... it is fair to say the Blair WAS LIED TO BY BUSH!! (Weapons of mass destruction nonsense). Bush lied to a LOT of people ... well the lies have been exposed, Blair is doing the correct thing here - the wrath of reasonable citizens is about to come down on those who perpetrated dishonesty.

Poor Georgie. Soon he will have the sand box all to himself.

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