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Friday, February 16, 2007 

Is It Time For General Hillier To Step Down?

General Hillier is a public servant. He does not run for public office and is not accountable to the voters in Canada. One has to wonder therefore if he fully understands what his job entails. Canada’s top military officer is once again walking a fine line with political opinions that are best left to politicians.

I have been critical of General Hillier a number of times recently:
-Gen Hillier Insists Canadians Support Afghan War
-Stop Misinformation About Afghanistan
-Harper Puts Top General on Short Leash
-Are You Ready For 10 Years in Afghanistan??

Now once again, we find our top General sticking his toe into political waters that perhaps he should be avoiding.

I am probably more critical of Hillier then most of my fellow citizens are, but he is NOT an elected official and he needs to curb his mouth, leaving politics to politicians who are accountable to the people. If he chooses not to comply or if the concept is beyond him, then perhaps it is time for him to retire.

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He should have been replaced the moment he used desparaging descriptors for the Taliban. It was proof he could not distinguish between fact and fantasy.

I am glad you agree. Even the PMO has struggled with Hillier's loose lips in the past. Hillier has a unique and difficult job, but for whatever reason, he simply does not get it or he does not care. You are correct. He should have been gone at that point.

I think its distressing that both the miltary and the RCMP are a little too close to "Canada's New Government".

I would think a majority of Canadians would more than a little uncomfortable with a politicized military and police force.

I doubt very much Harper will say much about Hillier's "loose lips" as it sounds like Harper would say the same to score points also.

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