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Tuesday, March 06, 2007 

ANN COULTER: "Conservatives Will Stick By Me No Matter What"

"This is the same thing we go through every six months. I say something, the same people become hysterical, and that’s the end of it. I mean I think the lesson young right-wingers ought to draw from this is: it’s really not that scary to attack liberals.

'Faggot' isn’t offensive to gays; it has nothing to do with gays. It’s a schoolyard taunt meaning ‘wuss,’ and unless you’re telling me that John Edwards is gay, it was not applied to a gay person."

Ann Coulter


CAUTION: After you watch the clip of Ann Coulter on ThinkProgress, you will feel unclean. Oh and I wonder how her gig went at the 'Reclaiminig America for Christ Conference'?


You have to love to hate Little Oral, Anal Annie

I simply scratch my head and wonder what failures in child rearing occured for a result such as Coulter.

Wow. I do feel unclean. Very similar to the feeling I get after visiting Robert McClelland's blog.

What a wonderful tautological argument she makes. Conservatives will stick by her no matter what. Therefore if any conservative attacks her, s/he's not really a conservative. Way to define your movement as a cult of personality, Ann. What we saw last week was the modern American conservative movement jumping the shark.

She's an escaped lab experiment gone horribly wrong...


Meanwhile, newspapers are beginning to cancel her column, and advertisers are pulling their ads from her web site.

Well that is GOOD news indeed. I would like to see her get hurt in the pocket book - that she will understand. What a piece of work she is!

More newspapers have cancelled. What's more, she just learned that Sanchez isn't available for her.

Ann is not going anywhere. She has multi-millions, so pull your ads. LOL Anything she puts out goes straight to # 1. Hurt her in the pocket ? LOL That's a laugh ! You may not like what she said but sooo what ? She is RIGHT ! That's what you don't like. You see you Liberals go by your feelings, we Right-Wingers go by fact. You Liberals had a great idea to stamp out poverty but 11 Trillion Dollars in and poverty still exists. That's because if poverty goes away, you're out of a job. Huh ? The South Bronx is still the South Bronx. Johnson's war on poverty 67 thru 07, 11 Trillion Dollars wasted.

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