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Friday, March 09, 2007 

Canada Has $4 Billion For War In Afganistan - ZERO $ FOR OXFAM!

"It's certainly disappointing that some countries haven't contributed as much as you would hope or expect...for the fund to meet its target and its full potential to reach people in need," said Oxfam International policy adviser Greg Puley.

And shamefully, Canada has donated NOTHING to Oxfam to assist with emergency hunger situations around the globe! The United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, Austria and Greece have yet to commit any cash at all for 2007.

While we in the western world glut ourselves on the spoils of the planet, as we fight Bush & Harper's mindless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have NOTHING for the poorest of the poor who have nothing to eat.

Shame on the government of Canada!



I assume your donation cheque is in the mail.

Actually David ... YES, I do donate to OXFAM... I know that you and the CTF think that government has no role in this, but you are wrong!!!

And Canadians are sacrificing their relatives for this:


State Dept: Sickening Abuse by Afghan Gov Officials

The practice of courts ordering the defendant to provide compensation in the form of young girls in marriage to a victims' family continued.

Human rights organizations reported that local authorities continued to routinely torture and abuse detainees - consisting of pulling out fingernails and toenails, burning with hot oil, beatings, sexual humiliation, and sodomy.

The practice of using young boys as objects of pleasure by governmental commanders, tribal leaders, and others was more than a rare occurrence.

Most experts believe the practice of child trafficking was widespread and continued to be a problem. The law does not prohibit trafficking in persons. The government did little to combat trafficking in persons.

"... neither the presidential nor the parliamentary elections fully met international standards for free and fair elections..."

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