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Friday, March 09, 2007 

Pope Benedict Considers Bob Dylan A 'False Prophet'

In his new book, Pope Benedict states, but does not explain why he does not like Bob Dylan or why he considers him a false "prophet."

Considering that Benedict is EXTREMELY RIGHT WING, out of touch with normal reality, and wears weird shoes .... I am not overly surprised.

-The Gospel According To Bob

("You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows").


He's certainly out of touch with a lot of things if he believes very many of todays young people even know who Bob Dylan is.

So what's his take on Robin Thicke?

God said to Abraham kill me a son.
Abe said God you must be putting me on.
Abe said no.
God said What.
God said you can do what you want Abe but,
The next time you see me coming you better run.
Abe said where do you want this killing done.
God said down there on hiway 61.

I have no idea if that's relevant but gawd, I love that song.

He does offer an explanation of why he doesn't approve of the performances of people like Bob Dylan under the banner of the Catholic Church.

Your insults don't have any basis in fact. If you can present evidence that he's out of touch with reality, please do.

Also, be careful how you use the term "right wing". The Pope is far from right wing in the political sense. He is against the war in Iraq and favours the total forgiveness of third world debt. However, in the sense that he doesn't favour radical change in the Church, he is indeed a conservative.

I trust that if Dylan could have his say, the feelings would be mutual.

Dauphin, he is out of touch reality because he believes all of the nonsense that his religion preaches.

I am a recovering Catholic so I know. I know their teachings about hell, heaven, purgatory, limbo, blessed virgins, saints, indulgences, rosaries .... NONSENSE... the entire thing is nonsense.

But for the weak minded, the feeble brained, those without logic or those who live in constant fear, I guess embracing this kind of insanity makes sense.

As a fellow recovering Catholic, I have to say that in retrospect Catholicism has many of the same characteristics of a cult... scary. I was always most disturbed by communion... eating Christ's flesh and drinking his blood??!! Sounds more like an ancient Mayan ritual sacrifice...


AGREED ... just so ludicrous.

I suspected that your response would be an attack upon the faith.

As a Catholic who's just coming to discover and love his faith, your small-mindedness and bigotry just help to confirm to me that there's something much better than atheism.

Religion is far from nonsense or insanity. Reason and faith can coincide. Your hatred of the Church blinds you to its truths. Just get far enough away from it to examine it impartially and without hatred. Only then will you be able to understand what an extraordinary thing it is. At the very least, you'll gain some level of respect for people of faith.

The church teaches mythology as truth. It feeds the deep fear in many individuals who are not strong enough mentally to deal with the reality of existence without clearcut definitive answers to their questions (who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?) The church gives them answers, portrayed as 'absolutes' which are primitive, ancient voo doo like beliefs.

The fact that you so quickly condemn me with your words demonstrates you willingness to swallow the church's faabricated 'absolutes'.

The sin of 'Lucifer' in your mythology, was his desire to be equal to 'God' and to know the mind of God. Your church is guilty of the same sin. Untold suffering is caused by the church in the world. It instructs people to accept their utter poverty and exploitation as being 'the Will of God' - nonsense.

Step out of the mythology. I do not deny the existence of higher realities than the human experience, but really, be logical.

How many roads must a Pope walk down
Before you can call him the Pope?

Yes and how many times must we listen to the Pope
Before we realize he's a dope?

Sez Dauphin:

Your hatred of the Church blinds you to its truths. Just get far enough away from it to examine it impartially and without hatred.

You accuse Buckdog of "hatred", when he has not expressed hatred. Disdain, perhaps. Dislike for the current Pope, certainly. But hatred - not so much.

In truth, it seems to me of late that most of the "hatred" I see in the world is spewed forth by pseudo "christians" that use their faith to justify subjugating and humiliating their fellow human beings.

Faith is being used today to justify wars, firing people from their jobs and denying otherwise law-abiding citizens equality before the law...and that's just what's happening in North America.

Perhaps there are good reasons to be skeptical of those who stand upon "faith" to justify their politics.

Like most institutions the Cathoic Church has both good things and bad things to offer. One of the good things is the notion of liberation theology. One of the bad is intolerance of competing views.

And as hard as I was on the Church when I said, "Untold suffering is caused by the church in the world" I can point out much good as well.

I don't doubt the sincerity of true believers (many of who are family members of mine). I just have trouble with those who claim to have a monopoly on 'cosmic truth'.

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