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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 

Angus Reid: 'Canadians REJECT Dion / May Deal'

The vast majority of Canadians are not happy with the deal struck between Stephane Dion and Elizabeth May.

The once noble Liberal Party of Canada has degenerated into something that barely resembles its former status as a governing party. Canadians are acknowledging the shift in Liberal tactics and do not like what they see.

This is not the old Liberal Party of Canada that we once new. It is a desperate group who believe it is their god given right to be government. It is one thing to aspire to and work for the trust of Canadians; it is another thing to expect and demand it.

Angus Reid


Isn't this the group with the last online poll that had the Cons in the 40's? Show me a regular phone poll and I'll listen. Angus Reid online polls have already been proven to be totally bogus. Good try though Buckdog

ONLINE poll.

The same setup that declared the Liberals had 22% popular support. This polls has no credibility... though I am not surprised some in the NDP would try to jump on it to use it

Nice try though

Angus Reid (despite its brief absence) is one of Canada's most venerable public opinion research firms.

It is likely in the extreme that they would stake their reputation on unsound methodology.

Angus Reid is not Two-For-One Polling or those firms that conduct shopping mall polls on your shampoo preferences.

What a joke.

31 per cent of Canadians supported the idea. That's about three times higher than the Green Party's support, so evidently it's very appealing to at least some of the people they want to appeal to.

As for the systemic bias of net polling, well... that's not even worth commenting on. Partisans are much more represented online.

Hold a poll of people who aren't a member of any political party and you'll see very different results. And poll those who didn't vote in the last two elections and again you'll see a different result.

Poor Scott Trite. He can't even conjugate properly.

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