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Thursday, April 19, 2007 

Canadians Getting Tired Of Green Party's "I'm The Victim Of An Unfair System"

Canadians will soon tire of Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May running around ranting ... 'I'm the victim of an unfair system - I DESERVE a seat in the House of Commons!"

Canadian voters know that the honour of a seat in the House of Commons is earned, it is not handed to someone who exceeds at politcal whining and carping.

Overall, Green Party tactics have completely degenerated in the last couple of days now that their senior strategist has walked away from May's idiotic strategy.

Certain Green bloggers are now resorting to drive by smears on sites that no one can respond to - no comments allowed / no email address - no retort possible.

This is all going to backfire in May's face. People tire very quickly of self promoting victims. May has taken her 'victim' role to new heights.

Elizabeth .... you are not much of a strategist!

Photo courtesy The Gazette

Progressive Bloggers

I thought the NDP agreed the current system is unfair and favoured electoral reform?

And you Liberals did what about it while you had 13 years in power?

Go back to duping Elizabeth May into thinking the Libs have her best intersts at heart!

You'd think it was the Green Party in power or something, seeing all these hysterical attacks on May and the GP in general from the NDP blogging crowd.

Memo to NDP: the Tories are in power.

It seems some believe in electoral reform... until it's no longer in their interests.

In countries using proportional representation, cross-party candidate deals and endorsements are common.

Giving the weakness of the NDP, I can understand why they are attacking so hard.


Yer boog's title sez Canajuns is gettin' tired of hearin' a quote that you made up an' put in the GPC's mouth. Then, yer first boog story sentence sez Canajun "will soon" get tired of hearin' somethin' yer sayin' Lizzie sed.

Which is it? Are they gettin' tired? Or will they soon get tired?

What evidence do you have to back up the assertion that Canadians are gettin' tired of anything the GPC sez?

As afr as I can tell, yer just hopin' an' wishin' an' predictin' based on nuthin'. Show some proof of them tired Canajuns yer tellin' about. Maybe it's just 2 Canajuns - Bucky an' Lefty.

As far as not allowin' comments goes, you guys know dang well you've disallowed comments from me before an' I've even emailed you an' asked why an' received no reply. You did publish my most recent comment an' maybe you'll publish this one but you ain't lily white in the comment moderation department.


I clearly remember the NDP and its dippers complaining about how unfair the first past the post was and were begging for electoral reform.

Whats with the 360 all of a sudden.

Oh yeah, NDP numbers in the polls.

As for the liberals doing anything about electoral reform in their 13 years, they never promised to. But the NDP has always thought it should change.

Unfortunately for the Green Party, I do not turn the other cheek. When they go on the attack against my party and my leader as they have the last few days .... they should NOT be surprised that in politics there will be push back.

Once again, there seem to be more Liberals involved in this little tussle between the Greens and the NDP then you would expect there to be.

Why is that? Why is it that Liberals are trying to convince Greens that they have their 'best interests at heart'?

jay said, "As for the liberals doing anything about electoral reform in their 13 years, they never promised to. But the NDP has always thought it should change."

Then why are Liberals so worried about getting the Greens into the House NOW .... doesn't that seem a little hypocritial???

Mark said, "It seems some believe in electoral reform... until it's no longer in their interests."
Unless you are a Liberal then those who DID NOT believe in electoral reform now do.... because it is in their interest to do so.


The NDP is really sad. So anything but progressive.

the liberal party of canada has sucked in every progressive movement that has come along in the history of canada

all the way to the various united farmer governments (and before), to the progressives, to the NDP (the CCF was relatively immune to the libs), and now the green party

the liberals will use and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to keep power and then will ditch

it will happen again with the greens

one of the reasons the NDP is reacting so badly is because of the number of times it was sucked in by the libs since it was created in the early '60s... i suspect collective guilt

also, the NDP has had the same fight with the self-righteous left before. it was called the Trotskyists back in the '30s, the waffle in the '60s, and now the group of purist malcontents has clustered around the green party

that way those pious lefties get to make righteous pronouncements from a place where they will never have to make good on them, and they easily be as pure as they wanna be

this will all come out in the wash soon enough

the green party will learn the hard way what deals with the liberals are about

Jimbobby - I've sent you an email to the addy listed on your site - would you take a look at it when convienient? Thanks!

Even with PR, it's Jim Harris that deserves a seat, not Elizabeth May. She hasn't run for squat.

Jimbobby - thanks - I sent a reply to your hotmail.

FYI fer all: Leftdog emailed me with an explanation re my unpublished comments an' he an' I shook hands an' buried any hatchets we was carryin'.

I'm takin' back what I sed about this boog not bein' lily white in the comment moderation department. I reckon there was a misunderstandin' an' I'm sorry fer jumpin' to conclusions an' fer gettin' all in a huff.


NOTE To Politique Vert:

How convienient. Listen, you simply savaged jack layton in that post ... you can chuckle and say that no one really cares .... no harm done ... wink wink but that is a croc of shit!

You have found a convienient way to lay down mean spirited words and accusations without any option for the target of your words to retort.

That is NOT funny - it is not 'cute' -it is the worst style of right wing tactics and you need to rethink your approach. Even with an email address listed, someone could come back and give retort or set the record straight when / if your arguments are not accurate.

I have nothing but contempt for your approach to blogging. It is calculated and it is nasty.

The current fptp is unfair, and neither the conservatives or the liberals federally have ever shown any interest in changing this. Nor have I seen any current interest to do so, at the parliamentary level.
That said, because something is unfair, does not mean that it justifies other 'means' to justify certain 'ends.'
Any 'means' possible has justified lots of desired ends. So for example, you have anti-abortionists kill doctors or bomb abortion clinics because they desire that abortion made illegal. You had communist leaders kill their citizens during the communist revolution to justify changing their society to a communist one. In the US you have anti-terrorist laws that justify that wire-taping their citizens justified by protecting against terrorist attacks. You have citizens in Iraq blowing themselves up in marketplaces to justify getting the 'invaders' out. You have members of political parties smearing other party candidates in order to win or keep their seat in parliament. I could go on and on, but my point is simply: two wrongs don't make a right no matter how you try to frame it.

I'm getting fucking tired of NDPers whineing on about being victimized by political realists who just want to get rid of Conservatives.

Either you want to defeat the Conservatives or you don't.

A temporary working coalition of non-Conservative parties will do that.

If you don't want to defeat the Conservatives JUST FUCKING SAY SO.

I'm enraged at the willingness you precious NDP pricks have to let Harper trash the country while you attack every other party *except* the Conservatives.

Please sir, who pays your make-up artist?

What the fuck is that?

Is that what NDP criticism of Harper and the Conservatives looks like today?

Dana - that is totally out to lunch!

I am going to make 3 points:

1) What do you mean I don't fight tories!?? While you Liberals drove every non Liberal blogger crazy with your endless 9 month leadership race,
it was the bloody Dipper bloggers who kept the fight with Harper going!!!

2)And if you don't recall that, what about the little hair pull that just went on on Progressive Bloggers that some of us tried to chill out so that we could focus on going after Harper!

3) The minute the Dion / May deal was signed (the ink was still wet) both Liberal and Green bloggers went nuts attacking Layton - don't tell me that wasn't coordinated!!!

New Democrats are pissed at Liberals for being so bloody dishonest, trying to convince the Greens you give half a shit about them - what a joke! This entire Central Nova deal is a piece of crap (so much so that her strategist walked and Heard is doing open criticism of Dion - you don't mention that but boy oh boy you go after Dippers - what a thinly veiled bit of scheisterism that is!!!!))

Right. The most important thing is to make sure that everyone thinks I'm a Liberal just because I think it's more important to beat the Cons than to cling to 19th century political labels.

Good for you.

Jeff nailed you on the first comment.

"Certain Green bloggers are now resorting to drive by smears on sites that no one can respond to - no comments allowed / no email address - no retort possible."

Tough, not all bloggers have open comments *cough yours are moderated*. It didn't stop you from blogging your response on your site.

May's strategy is so bad, you're talking about it a week later ;-) yup a total media failure.

You don't agree then with the Senior Green Party strategist?

Do you ACTUALLY believe that the Libs have the Green Party's best intersest at heart???

Even the Liberal strategist challenged Dion, his leader, publically on this. Greens are saying nothing about that ... just attacking New Democrats!

We see through May & Dion's strategy. It is all about attacking the NDP. It has nothing to do with getting Elizabeth into the House. It has nothing to do with defeating MacKay.

It is about Liberals and Greens attacking New Democrats.

When they push us ~ we push back.

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