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Sunday, April 01, 2007 

That Chocolate Jesus Sure Got Folks Worked Up

The story on the Chocolate Jesus sculpture is one of those news stories I had no interest in and was only vaguely aware of on the periphery of my daily news addiction. It is one of those things that creates a bit of a din in the background that I try not to hear.

However, when I finally took a look at the cause of the consternation, it became clear to me that there was one element to the story that seemed to be causing the most offense to 'believers'.

-It had nothing to do with creating a representation of Jesus in chocolate.
-It had nothing to do with the plan to let people eat the chocolate sculpture.
-It was all about the fact that the depiction of Jesus had his represented genitals exposed.

The Catholic League was the loudest and best organized voice in opposition to the public display of the sculpture.

In a series of News Releases from the Catholic League, it is clear that the 'genitals fully exposed' aspect of the art piece is what set them off. Every single news release mentioned the 'genitals' aspect.

It is too bad the more of these so called 'Catholics' don't do their Stations of the Cross - because the name of the 10th Station is 'Jesus is stripped of his garments'. From the official Vatican website we read the following excerpt under the 10th Station:
"Jesus is stripped of his garments. Clothing gives a man his social position; it gives him his place in society, it makes him someone. His public stripping means that Jesus is no longer anything at all, he is simply an outcast, despised by all alike. The moment of the stripping reminds us of the expulsion from Paradise: God’s splendour has fallen away from man, who now stands naked and exposed, unclad and ashamed. And so Jesus once more takes on the condition of fallen man. Stripped of his garments, he reminds us that we have all lost the “first garment” that is God’s splendour. At the foot of the Cross, the soldiers draw lots to divide his paltry possessions, his clothes."

Artist says offers are pouring in for chocolate Jesus sculpture!

Houston Chronicle Article and photo of the offending sculpture


LOL, I should have looked here before I posted. I was just as disinterested as you were until I saw the smackdwon between the artist and Donohue. Pretty funny stuff.

N-y-mama, this just proves that great minds think alike!!!! I took a look at your post and there's the proof!

This one got by me too. From church teachings I would never have known that he even had genitals. ;-)

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