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Saturday, May 12, 2007 

Disgruntled Tories Look To Revive The REFORM Party

Their grievances against Stephen Harper and his 'conservative' government have a number of disaffected right wingers shaking their heads. In fact, today, a group are meeting to consider the logistics of reviving the Reform Party.

The frustration started when David Emerson crossed from the Liberals to sit as a Conservative cabinet minister, followed by the appointment of Conservative party hack, Michael Fortier as a Senator as well as Public Works Minister. Then there was the vote to declare the Quebecois a nation, the 'Liberal-style' budget, a financial settlement with Maher Arar that many believe was too generous, a shocking reversal on income trusts, a complete reversal on environmental policy and the final insult to right wing ideology, the Prime Minister's capitulation on same-sex marriage.

Will we see a revival of the old Reform Party? Maybe. Let's face it, no one can fracture like the right wing when they start to navel gaze and there are a lot of 'conservatives' who do not like the direction that Harper & Co. are taking.

Here's wishing the Reformers well at their venture!

Globe and Mail

This really is the only logical outcome of the Conservative Party and governance. To get re-elected, they must reject their ideals.

If the Reform Party was revised and gained popularity (unlike the “Progressive Canadian Party” protest group) you can bet to the cons wouldn’t be governing for a long, long time.

Yeah I agree to be elected they need to apeal to the centre of Canada, which is a lot more left from a lot of their old reform ideas and more to the Red Tory or progressive conserative ideology. The reform party though only ever was able to capture western seats and just didnt apeal to ontario east. For their own benefit I think its unlikly you'll see the conseratives split, they will likely do a lot of infighting though, making things more chaotic, least in my opinion.

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