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Wednesday, July 04, 2007 

Show Us Where You Blog - A Photographic Challenge

You are looking at my little blogging nook where Buckdog is created, published and thrust upon the world daily.

I would like to challenge all of my blogging associates on Blogging Dippers, Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, SaskBlogs and Progressive Bloggers and all other unaffiliated bloggers to snap a shot of where you do your stuff and post it here for others to see.

Note my little Buckdog mascot, Epi (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi) who is sleeping in the lower left of the photo.

Okay folks, show us where you do it!!!! We want to see your photos! The challenge is on!

Great challenge leftdog. I have posted a picture of the "RCI Blogging Den" on my blog. Thanks to you, I cleaned up all the crap on my coffee table and couch just to take the picture! It's quite sad where where my priorities lie.

hey if it gets the house cleaned up a bit, good stuff - (I should have done the dishes on my counter first before I shot my photo)

Thanks Dylan!

Dylan's blogging place

Saskatchewan blogger Unclemeat posts a shot of where his unique blogging takes place.

You wouldn't want to see where I blog. No glamour there.

I'm in the US, just call the CIA, I'm sure they already have a picture of the area from which I post. They seem to have recordings and photos of everything else in our country. ;)

Well, my picture is on my blog.

I'm not sure if the CIA has showed interest in my blog yet (they probably did visit "pissed of patricia"), but I now for sure the Government of Canada likes my blog.

Visitors ranging from GTIS (gc.ca) to Department of Fisheries and Oceans (gc.ca); they're snooping almost daily!

Nothing's better than a loyal friend.

Thanks for participating Eric. Very nice! The nice cold beer looks good too!

Here you go Buckdog My blog Home

hey beast!! VERY cool ... and Snoopy too!!!!!

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