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Monday, September 17, 2007 

Untendered Fast Food Outlets Creeping Onto Canadian Forces Bases

Almost symbolic of the right wing mentality that has settled into the direction of Canada's military, Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza and Subway outlets are opening up on Canadian Forces Bases.

"What bothers us is these private sector companies are selling on Crown property to provide services to a captive market, the military troops and their families, without being publicly tendered. It raises the question of how many small businesses would love to put in a bid for such a captive market,"
John MacLennan, President
Union of National Defence Employees

Montreal Gazette

Open honest accountable transparent were words used to set the CPC apart from the Liberals.

Promises, promises!

It's all been hush-hush back-stairs business. Think of the half-mast flag situation from more than a year ago.

There have been many decisions taken and offered to the public as a fait accompli rather than bring the matter to the floor of the House for proper debate.
Then there's the circumventing the rules and procedures. Wheat Board, anyone? Don't forget the unilateral declarations at international conferences and summits that embarrass the nation.

Someday, we will have a leader worthy of the title Prime Minister. In the interim, we've got a petulant Steve.

The by-elections today will be an interesting test of Steve's leadership. Why he likes to imitate Bush is beyond me.

David.....how does fast food outlets on DND bases morph into how Steven Harper is imitating George Bush???? I don't follow your thought pattern. How does this development make him like George Bush?? Has George Bush or for that matter Steven Harper personally intervened and made sure there is a Subway or an A&W on US or DND bases, or is this just another attempt by a leftie to bash Harper! It's gettin' real old.

Dear mooner,

It doesn't bear directly on the subject. I was talking about the arrogance of the man and the centralising of power so that such things as no-bid contracts could happen. I'm talking about the short-circuiting of the democratic process and the Kremlinisation of power and authority.

Hope that clears it up for you.

Thats BS Dave, just more rhetoric- the truth is, every dipper this side of Mars predicted Canada entering a "Dark Age" when Harper and the Cons got elected. That hasnt happened, we are still a modern democratic welfare state and by god, we will remain so. Canadian politics draws everybody to the middle, never forget that. And cut the George Bush shit, its fucking childish and please throw out some thoughtful arguments.

Military contracts are currently untendered because the process is broken- it takes nearly 15 years for the military to receive kit and the fast food joints are just a by product of that policy

And do you really think the PMO is directly involved in this situation? For Christs sakes, think man. Its an internal department matter- is the Prime Minister involved in the process that awards the cafeteria contract at the DOJ building I work at? NO.

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