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Wednesday, October 24, 2007 

New Democrats Meet - 'Going After The Liberal Vote'

OTTAWA - A small army of New Democrats has descended on the nation's capital to map out a new strategy to replace the Liberals as the main alternative to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative party.

Mike De Souza
CanWest News Service
October 24, 2007

-National Post

-Dion Liberals Prop Up Conservatives

Photo coutesy CBC

Not in your life!!

If Layton wants to attract the "disaffected Liberal" vote, he's going to have to do a lot less sniping at the Liberals and a lot more going after Harper.

(Who is currently setting Layton and the NDP up for the biggest screwing over he can possibly arrange)

"If Layton wants to attract the "disaffected Liberal" vote, he's going to have to do a lot less sniping at the Liberals and a lot more going after Harper."

In his defense, he had to stand there today and watch the Liberal 'Caucus' give Harper a green light to keep on doing what he does. I like to think that New Democrats are going into this with our eyes wide open. Whether we like it or not, public opinion towards Harper is softening and a majority just might be in the offing. Meanwhile, Dion is still under the misguided delusion that he needs to 'hand pick' the right academic candidates for the next campaign based on who he would like to have in his Cabinet. The Libs were SO certain they would be back in government in a few months, they picked Dion, thinking he would be a great prime minister.

The Libs are done. At least for quite a while. Canadians have had it with them after the sponsorship scandal. Liberals have NEVER taken responsibility for what happened and in their typical, smug manner, believe they simply need to sit back, keep their heads down and they will be govenment again in short order.

I don't thinks so.

It sounds like your Liberal party is like our democratic party in the states.

So you guys need New Democrats...I guess we need New Liberals.


My point is simple - as a voter, I'm not impressed with watching Layton spend 80% of his time sniping at the Liberals while the real problem - and the most destructive to Canada is currently the occupant of the PMO.

It's not a matter of "defensible" on Layton's part - it's goddamned annoying because it is effectively giving Harper a pass on things by failing to counter some of the most monumentally awful government policy this nation has seen since Brian Mulroney left power.

I dont know why anyone would want the Liberal Party to "go away". If that were to happen and the NDP stuck to their current ideological position Stephen Harper would be Prime Minister for as long as he wants and he would be replaced by another Conservative PM. How that serves "progressive politics" is beyond me.

I think the fact that the Liberals are in the political shitter yet still lead the NDP by at least 10 points speaks volumes.

Very few serious people take socialists serious in this country. I sure as hell wouldnt vote for them.

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