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Sunday, October 28, 2007 

Saskatchewan 2007 Election Souvenir Poster # 1

There is a growing opinion in Saskatchewan that if you want to be elected as the Premier, you must answer a skill testing question .... " Please spell the word, SASKATCHEWAN .... "!

Wow, what a bonehead. I can't believe anyone would vote for him.

Hey I know we can play the game of "Are our Premier candidates smarter than a Canadaian fifth Grader".

Perhaps it was a nod to the missing pavement in the highways ;-)

How so ... ?

Usually, when a candidate dies or withdraws from an election, a byelection must be held within a reasonable time to allow the party to find a new candidate. In 1988, Tom Cossitt died and Leeds Grenville did not vote on election day. A byelection was held several months later.

From the souonds of it, there will be four byelections because of these withdrawals.

How much will that cost the province's residents?

Not so here in Saskatchewan. A New Democrat withdrew before nominations closed with the Chief Electoral Office - but the Saskatchewan Party is now too late to replace him. There will be no by-election. The voters will chose from the remaining, Liberal, NDP and Green candidates. Sask Party are simply out of luck now.

That is all there is now - the other 57 constituencies will get a new or re-elected MLA on November 7th.

Wow, spelling vs illegal licensing.

What the hell are you talking about???

you'll see...

Okay Paul I found your little secret ... man is that ever lame. What are you guys like 15 years old?

Hear that sound ... sounds like air hissing out of a tire ....
that's the sound of the Sask Party's predicted 'majority' government leaking away ..... LOL


You posted your little hint about 'illegal licensing' in the comments here at 7:15 pm and then mentioned it again here at 9:27 pm

Now both Buckdog and SDA are in Saskatchewan and we are on the same time. Kate posted her little licensing post at 9:56 pm ("Posted by Kate at 9:56 PM") ... so how did you know what Kate was going to post before she posted it?

I realize that big Sask Party Poobah's like Reg Downs thinks he is some kind of cutting edge political whiz lining all of his litte resources up ... lame - very lame Paul!

Don't recall ever saying Kate was going to post the story, but I'll go searching your blog just in case.

And, if I was so off base, why DID the powers that be suddenly stop Ghosting the links?

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