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Wednesday, October 31, 2007 

Saskatchewan 2007 Election Souvenir Poster # 2

There is a growing opinion in Saskatchewan that if you want to be elected as the government .... you should first see a medical professional about your delusional hysterics!!

Leftdog, I think that perhaps a better example of hysterics is in the "Enterprise Saskatchewan" commercial that you have posted immediately below this post. Or the wolf in sheeps clothing thing that is still getting play on the NDP website. Do they not realize that everyone thinks that husky dog with a wool coat is the most ridiculous ad ever created?

The NDP is looking both sad and desperate as they try to pin the privatization label on the Sask Party. "The Privatize Saskatchewan Plan"?!? Come on.

Currently on the Sask NDP website all 3 of their top stories are about the big Brad wolf. I hope that the NDP have some policy left to, rather than playing in the mud for the rest of the campaign.

Adam .... you have completely skirted my question in order to spout the political line from Sask Party Campaign central.

I REPEAT .... do you ACTUALLY believe that the NDP put subliminal messages in this ad?

If the answer is no ... what do you say to the leadership of the party that wants to be govenment about their hysterical delusions ....

Brad Wall used to work for the Minister of Privatization in the government of Devine. If he has flip flopped away from his privatization ideology ... that is a GOOD thing for the people of Saskatchwan!

The ad is highly suspicious in that it does show the word p(t)orn (everyone knows there is a silent t in ptorn), and with some of the "tactics" that the NDP uses when they are as desperate as they are I wouldn't be surprised. The t was just to cover their arse.

The CBC article that you link to with reaction by SaskParty members and David Karwacki hardly show any "hysterics."

"Sask. Party MLA Nancy Heppner called it the latest example of a disastrous ad campaign for the New Democratic Party in the runup to a provincial election."

From what I remember of the ad there was a bigger reaction about how terrible it was, and how the fear card isn't going to work (and judging by every poll that I have seen, it hasn't).

Privatization can in fact be a good thing for a province, believe it or not. Don't you think?

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