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Saturday, October 27, 2007 

Saskatchewan Party Candidate Withdraws From Race!

"CBC News recently obtained documents containing allegations that Harder made inappropriate comments about others based on race, gender, marital status, weight and sexual orientation."
Yahoo News

The following appears on the Saskatchewan Party Election website:

Harder Withdraws As Saskatchewan Party Candidate
Saturday - October 27, 2007

Saskatchewan Party candidate Dan Harder has withdrawn his candidacy for the Regina Walsh Acres constituency in the November 7 provincial election.

The decision was made after Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall learned the details of a 2006 complaint made by employees against Harder while he was the Executive Director of the Regina Big Brothers. The complaint involved allegations of inappropriate comments made by Harder to employees.

Harder responded to the complaint at the time and no further action was taken on the complaint by Big Brothers. However, after learning the details of the complaint and Harder’s response, Wall felt Harder could not continue as a Saskatchewan Party candidate.

Wall said he had been aware that there was a complaint against Harder, but only learned of the details of the matter today.


There are still some unanswered questions as to when Saskatchewan Party leader, Brad Wall knew about the allegations. He claims on one hand that he knew a year ago, but only yesterday learned the nature and seriousness of the allegations. More ....

H/T to fellow Saskatchewan blogger Giant Political Mouse

-CBC Saskatchewan
-Saskatchewan Party Website

Thanks for the hat tip.

If it turns out that the 'harassment' that Mr. Harder was guilty of happens to be 'sexual' harassment, the Saskatchewan Party is going to be VERY embarrassed. They have gone WAY over the top in their 'Murdoch Carriere' hysteria and political harping.

We will see in a day or so if it was ....

I wonder if this will make the front page of the Leader Post like a NDP candidate that dropped out of Swift Current for making inappropriate comments. I would have to say that these comments made were worse, but somehow since this is a Sask party candidate it will be barried under page A 8. Of course if this were a NDP candidate it would be the story of the whole election and take up a week of the news cycle.

Is the Leader Post, CBC, and Rawlco going to let the people of Regina know that the Sask Party does not have a full slate of Candidates in Regina? Will the people of Regina Walsh Acres know that their vote for the Sask Party candidate in Regina Walsh Acres be rejected? As a voter would you like to know what, when, exactly leader Brad knew of the allegations? Would we like to know why no further investigation into the allegations led Mr.Wall to investigate sooner? The Voter of Regina need to know please don't fail us bloggers and corporate media.

Sunnyside I wouldn't expect that the main stream media will give this the same attention they did to the Swift Current NDP candidate.

Rawlco radio might as well just change its name to 'Sask Party Radio'.

Leftdog this is really a big story. The hipocracy of the media reaks so bad. I would like to know if Harder was fired without cause soon after these allegations surfaced, and whether they did not persue the allegations because he was let go. The Sask Party spent 60,000 dollars of tax payers money mailing out pamphlets across the province that said Calvert puts NDP civil servants that harrass women above the women in Saskatchewan, at the same time supporting Harder as a candidate. I would like to know what the headline is going to be in tomorrow's Leader Post. The media did a big smear number on Jeff Potts, I think Brad Wall and Mr.Harder deserve harsher.

Agreed - I understand that Brad said that he didn't know about the allegations because they were part of a 'confidential personnel matter' - OH ... really ! I think I may have to do a post on that little comment in view of another situation that Wall went mental over last spring in the legislature.

But on the Harder matter, I will post a comment here tomorrow morning when I get my Leader Post. Why don't you check in some time and we'll compare notes.

I will do that. Something interesting I found is that the original CBC story says that they approached the Sask Party with the documents, and then after that Brad Wall issued the press release that they removed Harder's cadidacy. So the Sask Party knew the media was on to something so they had to act. Basicly they got caught in a cover up, becuse they knew of the allegations, and they had to play dumb. Brad Wall respects the "personal matters" of his candidates but he doesn't respect the personal matters of civil servents when he posts personal documents on his party website.

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