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Wednesday, December 05, 2007 

New Saskatchewan Party Government Has Found The Public Purse And Is Off And Spending!

When Right Wing Governments Get Their Hands On The Cheque Book - Part 2

It sure didn't take long for Premier Brad Wall and his Sask Party government to start throwing public money around - once again proving the point that Right Wingers are not 'fiscally conservative'. These guys LOVE to spend!

-Sask. MLAs getting $1,700 chairs

-Higher salary for top government executive

now, now, Buckdog...those chairs were in the works under the NDP government as well.....its a red herring...but I will agree with you on higher assistant salaries....and what's with changing departments to ministries?

Are there not some nice functional ergonomic office-type chairs that would come in at under $1700 per unit? It just seems excessive to me - plus I can't resist jabbing at Wall after all of the complaining he did about spending by the previous government.

leftdog those chairs were bought under the last NDP government.

Besides who whats to sit in 100 year old chairs that cause backpain.

No they were just ordered according to the Clerk of the Legislature. I certainly would NOT want ANY MLA to have a sore back from a bad chair ... but $1700 a pop is ridiculous. Get them something ergonomic ... you wait they are going to be getting some huge plush leather things that just add to the 'pomp' of the Legislative Chamber. If Wall is sooooo concerned about the finances of the province, his Sask Party MLA's should make the sacrifice and consider themselves lucky to have any seat in the Legislature.

with the money the SP saved the tax payers by the cancelling the Domtar give away, new chairs seem to be a cheap reward, just too bad they are replacing all the chairs, I mean if the NDP were really interested in saving the Sask. tax payer money they could offer to keep using the old ones...

Let the NDP have the old chairs then if they want. They seem to like old things anyway.

What do you mean Part 2? I don't remember a part 1 or 2.

O ok. Now I know what you are talking about.

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