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Sunday, April 06, 2008 

Sask Premier Wall Serves Notice To Sue The Canadian Press Over Headline On Video Story

REGINA — Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has advised The Canadian Press he intends to sue the national news agency for defamation for a headline it ran on a story featuring controversial comments he made on a home-movie videotape made more than 16 years ago.

"The headline of the article is false and defamatory of Premier Wall and, given the breadth of its publication, is likely to result in significant damage to Premier Wall's reputation," says the letter from the premier's lawyers, dispatched Friday to The Canadian Press.

-Canadian Press

More fallout from the Tom Lukiwski/Brad Wall scandal. Demonstrating a lack of dignity that befits the 'Office of Premier', Brad Wall is saying that he is going to sue Canadian Press.

Premier Wall's communications director, Ian Hanna, would not say if Wall is suing in his own right or as the Premier of Saskatchewan. If he is going to sue as 'premier', his legal costs would be carried by the taxpayers of Saskatchewan. (Let's see if the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has anything to say on that matter!)

Wall will NOT likely have any help from Kate McMillan of smalldeadanimals to spin this item due to their recent falling out.

This little ploy will be his reason for NOT answering ANY questions concerning the video tape that came forward last Thursday. Wall is sweating Question Period in the Saskatchewan Legislature on Monday, and will likely deflect all questions of him by the Opposition and the Press, by stating that since the matter is pending legal action he will say nothing on the topic.

Saskatchewan's premier says he has withdrawn his threat to sue the Canadian Press over a headline on one of its stories he said had unfairly linked him to controversial comments made nearly 17 years ago that include a homophobic slur by a current Tory MP.

In all fairness to Wall, that headline was pretty misleading. I remember reading it and being left with the impression that Wall was involved in much worse behaviour than he actuall was.

Straighten me out on this.

The conservatives talk about activist judges and say that parliament is the final arbiter of all things --through statute law and its amendments.

Yet, these same conservatives decide to run to the courthouse at the first whiff of a political fire or any other embarassment. Talk about wanting it both ways.
Unless you're accustomed to working both sides of the street.

So--which is it? Courts or Parliament?

If everyone in Parliament voted his conscience--and not the party line--would there be an election soon?

You bet there would!!

I will not comment on this issue personally but I will say that the comments in SDA right now on this seem to be supporting Mr.Wall.

You mean comments from right wingnuts like someone named 'louise' who digs deep into her limited ability to reason: "Well there you have it. The Canadian Press dutifully discharged its responsibility to be the official mouth piece of the New Democratic Party. Nuff said."

Okay ...

I don't know how it works for you folks, but down here, it's nearly impossible for anyone to legally defame a public official, no matter what they say.

I kind of like that, actually. I'd rather public officials garner support by doing good things, not by silencing their critics.

Here in Canada recently we have had a few cases where a right wing elected political leader has made moves to sue either a political opponent or the media. It is mosly posturing - another way to look 'tough'. Usually used by conservative politicians.

Funny how the speech warriors at Kate's place have done a 180 on this.

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