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Sunday, June 22, 2008 

Angry Harper THREATENS Supporters Of Canadian Wheat Board!

"The federal Conservatives are seeking to end the monopoly of the Winnipeg-based board, which is controlled by farmers. The monopoly makes the agency one of the biggest exporters in the world of wheat and barley.

In Saskatoon to announce funding for a municipal road plan, a defiant Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed to battle on.

"We'll continue to fight in Parliament. We'll continue to fight in the legislature. But the bottom line is this, mark my words, Western Canadian farmers want this freedom and they are going to get it. And anybody who stands in their way is going to get walked over."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Saskatoon - June 20, 2008

So bully boy Harper is going to 'walk over' anyone who stands in the way of his gutting of the Canadian Wheat Board! Isn't that a fine and diplomatic way for the leader of our nation to speak!

Our right wing prime minister is starting to lose his cool! Both he and the small handful of free market radicals who want the Wheat Board gone have lost all major court challenges and their frustration is starting to show.

Well Mr. Harper, threaten all you want, but your opponents will only fight that much harder!

Calgary Herald

The "walked over" and the "screwing the country" remarks are out of line for someone who's the leader.

He's worried; clearly worried. Gonna be a long hot summer.

Notice I don't use the phrase Prime Minister--he's not earned it.

I think Harper needs to be tased. He's sounding awfully loony these days.

Harper is just plain creepy!

What a dick. Many, if not most of the CWB supporters are "Western Canadian farmers".

But the bottom line is this, mark my words, Western Canadian farmers want this freedom and they are going to get it. And anybody who stands in their way is going to get walked over.

Fighting words indeed. Sounds a bit like the kind of rhetoric Bush uses for spreading freedom at gun point.

Harper is certainly getting bolder and brasher with his not so secret agenda. It's been awhile since the bullshit corporate media has called him or his policies moderate.

Read today's National Post editorial. These guys will literally do anything to win.

This is not aboput Freedom it is about turning the grain industry over to Harpers friends in th US. Here is a letter I did. Please find more like this at savemycwb.ca

Dear Editor,

The Harper government’s plan to dismantle the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) would indicate that former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney has his grubby fingerprints all over the Harper government.
Who in their right mind would want to abolish a monopoly when producing a commodity product? You don’t hear any one inside OPEC calling for its abolishment. Compotex markets all of the potash coming out of Canada as a cartel. So who would conceivably see benefit in the abolishment of the Canadian Wheat Board, apart from say, US agribusiness giant Archer Daniel Midland (ADM). ADM just happens to employ former Primer Minister Brian Mulroney as a long standing Director of its Board.
Brian Mulroney was reappointed to the board of ADM on November 8, 2007. Archer Daniels pays him $200,000 a year in cash and options. He now holds 85,192 shares in the company valued at about $3 million. This kind of compensation would indicate ADM’s appreciation of past legislative actions such as removal of Oats from the CWB, the NAFTA agreement and putting the wheels in motion to deregulate Canada’s grain handling and transportation system. Mulroney and Charlie Mayer attempted to remove barley from the CWB in the dying days of the Mulroney regime.
The future “big bang for the buck” (what ADM’s Andreas said Mulroney will provide ADM) is Mulroney’s influence on the Harper Conservatives in ending the CWB. Some would deny the connection however, the Mulroney family were recent guests at Harpers summer home at Harrington Lake.
I would also remind readers that the Harper government’s plan or Strahl’s task force report was first released in an American business magazine “Inside Trade” on October 25, 2006. This was a full three days before it was released to Canadian farmers or the Canadian public. Harper’s real plan is to integrate Canada’s grain handling and transportation system under the control of US agribusiness corporations such as ADM.
Beware, the election of a conservative majority government will mean the destruction of the Canadian Wheat Board.

That's an excellent letter farmer. So Mulroney has his paw prints all over this? Makes sense to me.

Personally, I prefer single desk marketer to monopoly when describing the CWB. But still, Harper's call for market choice is still bogus because it really amounts to propping up a multinational oligopoly with ADM at the head of the table.

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