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Sunday, June 15, 2008 

POILIEVRE: Love Him or Hate Him!

I personally think that Pierre Poilievre is a hard Right Refomer whose time at the University of Calgary did something to his brain. He seems to be Harper's lapdog so the above pic is appropriate.

Pierre is the kind of politician that you either HATE or LOVE. Since Buckdog is consistently fair on political matters .... I will give both sides a shot!

-Thank God for Pierre Poilievre
Mark Peters, a christianist blogger from Nova Scotia simply gushes joy and love for him:
"Pierre Poilievre is correct to encourage them to apply themselves to hard work and self-reliance and make the future as bright as it can be."

-Is Poilievre fit to hold public office?
Randall Denley, a constituent of Poilievre's articulates:
"In all, Poilievre's record ought to make Nepean-Carleton voters ashamed. The message from his residential schools comments and his shot about sex changes is that people in his riding are a bunch of red-neck bigots who have to be pandered to. Next election, let's show him that he's wrong."

Shouldn't the next go round at the ballot box determine if the electors of the riding are more intelligent than they currently show themselves to be?

Are they in the same league as those of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke who consistently vote in Cheryl Gallant or those in Parry Sound-Muskoka who gave Tony "two-tier" Clement a 12 vote majority?

What's worse; the candidate or the electors who keep the person in office?


The problem is that

1) We don't have anyone to run against him. David Pratt could beat him down, but he won't run anymore. I worked on the NDP campaign, and as good as their hearts are, they have no chance in this riding.

2) Just in time for an election, PP loves to manufacture some crisis he can use to make himself look like the hero...as Randall Denley says.

I live in this puke's riding and Denley is a fairly small-c conservative Citizen columnist. PP likes to empty the old folks homes for the advanced polls to ensure he gets lots of votes, if you know what I mean.

It is going to be a fun campaign next time around.

I also live in Pierre's riding and i detest him. Large numbers of people here detest him. My parents love him and i think he will probably get re-elected but i am going to fight it tooth and nail.

I have an anti-pierre site at http://web.me.com/banpierre/Site/Welcome.html

I'd like to find the test tube in which these tired hack clones are hatched and spike it with something environmentally friendly so they can biodegrade before all of our ice caps melt and most of our planet's natural habitats, plants, and animals are extinct.

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