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Thursday, June 19, 2008 

Prime Minister's Office Cautions Tory MPs and Staff To Avoid John McCain Luncheon

"OTTAWA - It may be the most sought-after ticket in Ottawa, but when Republican presidential hopeful John McCain addresses a sold-out luncheon tomorrow, it will be hard to find a Conservative politician in the crowd. [...] The Prime Minister's Office, concerned about the optics, also advised staff working for MPs to avoid the speech. Tickets for Mr. McCain's speech sold out in an hour but, among the 380 guests, the federal Conservatives will be limited to those with official reasons to attend. David Emerson will be there as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Conservative MP Rob Merrifield will also go in his capacity as co-chair of the Canada-U. S. Inter-parliamentary Group.

Mr. McCain was invited by the Economic Club of Canada. It is thought to be the only time a presidential candidate has given a speech in Canada in the midst of a campaign."

National Post

Once again we see the Conservative Party of Canada, its Leader and elected representatives trying to camouflage their Right Wing roots. These Bush loving Hawks aren't fooling anyone ... they might as well go to the luncheon and wallow in good old fashioned Republican muck - have a few drinks and call it a week!!

I guess we could ask, who is McCain having dinner with?

Buckdog, I stand to be corrected, but it is my understanding that Conservative Christians really don't like McCain, cuz he isn't one of them. Might that be an additional reason for the boycotting of McCain's speech in Ottawa? Good posting, by the way.

Beijing, I had exactly the same thought, who do they think the're fooling?

With the exception of Emerson--whose fotunes will sink come the next election--no Conservative MP will attend because Stephen doesn't want the GOP's fortunes to further diminish the Conservatives' prospects come the next election.

Harper's filial devotion to Bush and John Howard have provided bad influence and guidance.
In the last election, John Howard lost his own seat and GWB 's popularity are now in the same range as Mulroney's. And Harper's popularity is nearing that low number, come to that.

That's why most of the conservative leading lights are finding a good reason to be unavailable or out of time. Anyway, it's cottage and black fly season across the land.

Where can I find out who the attending opposition MPS were?

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