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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 

Premier Wall Gets Testy With Reporters Over Dropped Equalization Court Challenge

"But when asked if he feels the Sask. Party government's new relationship with the federal government is generating enough cash to make up for not getting the $800 million that had been expected from equalization, Wall balked at answering.
"I'm not going to have this debate again," he said.

Regina Leader-Post

Saskatchewan's new young right wing Premier is getting testy in the face of ongoing criticism for dropping a court challenge against the Harper government for a broken promise on non-renewable resources and equalization.

Wall's testiness does not come as a surprise to anyone who understands exactly how deeply the Saskatchewan Party government is in Harper's hip pocket.

Buckdog has more ...

I'm not going to have this debate again. . . . B.Wall

And Saskatchewan won't have you as premier again, either.

I think Wall feels painted into a corner by Harper on this. Wall will NEVER stand up and do what is right for Saskatchewan if Harper wants him to do otherwise. What we have here is a province that is being controlled completely out of the Prime Minister's Office. It is a bloody crime. Wall has taken a bit of a dive in the polls here after only about 9 months in power. This will hurt him - he is Harper's puppet.

It was a very short honeymoon for Wall Mike! I don't make this stuff up! I am constantly aware of the potential for law suit so I CAN BACK UP EVER FACT I PUT ON MY BLOG! Too bad that many of your right wing blogging friends can't do the same .....

Anyway here is what Environics says about Wall already falling in the polls:

"The NDP has gained ground this quarter and now rivals the SP, within the margin of error for the survey. The NDP now has the support of 41 percent of decided voters, up eight points from December 2007 and on par with its share of the popular vote.

The Liberals now have 10 percent of decided voter support, essentially unchanged from December 2007 and identical to their share of the popular vote.

Four percent of decided voters now support the Green Party. Sixteen percent of eligible voters, up seven points from December 2007, express no party preference."

Environics - July, 2008

Postscript to Mike:
I care MORE about what David thinks than what rightwing Alberta Harper thinks!

@mike the greek @ 3:17pm

Please don't be resentful because |'m from Toronto and making a comment about Premier Wall.

My comment was more about his arrogance and looking down on the press. It wasn't really about him.
He has the attitude that builds up voter resentment and I merely pointed it out.

Many a politician with that attitude has been booted out of office come the next election.
I was merely sounding a warning call.

By the way, I do care about what goes on in the whole country not just Toronto and Ontario.
And now what about you?

Nope, I care only about SK, AB and Nfld.

Ontario, and especially Toronto, can go to hell...


David ... you will find this research interesting ...

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