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Monday, July 07, 2008 

Right Wingers Who Failed Science Class Think George Bush Saved The World

It is obvious that right wing bloggers, Don Surber and Kate McMillan either failed high school science class or skipped out so much they have no idea what 'yellowcake' is.

On Surber's blogsite, he is proclaiming that George Bush Saved the World!

Perpetually inaccurate Kate McMillan, from smalldeadanimals, has jumped on her Right Wing bandwagon again and is also trumpeting that Bush is the world's saviour.

Yellowcake currently sells for $11/lb and is processed all over the planet.

Oh well, the extreme right wing has been WRONG about so many things over the last few years, this is just one more to chalk up on the list. Pity that they didn't take highschool science classes.

Surber also proclaims the following ... "That’s good enough for me and the other 30% of America who has stood by the Best President of the 21st Century — George Bush."

Aahhhhh ... excuse me ... George Bush is the ONLY president who has served in the 21st Century!? ...

Unambiguously Ambidextrous has more ....

Technically you're wrong, leftdog.

George W. Bush was inaugurated on Jan. 20th/2001. Bill Clinton was the Commander in Chief for roughly 19 1/2 days into the 21st century. (I stand by the premise that the 21st century began on Jan. 01st/2001 as opposed to Jan. 01/2000, as do many others.)

Regardless, GWB is the second President of the US this century.

Okay ... fair ball ... so we can then 'technically' say the Bush is not only the WORST President EVER, he is ALSO the WORST President of the 21st Century!

Thanks mike! ;)

Look here, Buckdog, we Americans don't want to be confused and confounded by facts. Got it!?


Got it!! ;)

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