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Tuesday, September 23, 2008 

100 Reasons NOT To Vote For Stephen Harper's Conservative Party

100 Reasons NOT To Vote For Stephen Harper's Conservative Party

Take some time to read through the list .... amazingly researched! Every canvasser knocking on doors for ANY political party that is fighting Harper, should have this as a resource!!

Interesting how the site suggests the Bloc as an alternative to voting Harper, even providing a link to their website.

But it's understandable. All the separatists want to do is break up the country. Harper wants to reduce tax funding for our precious, precious artists. Oh, the humanity.

http://www.100reasons.ca/articles.php?tag=All_Articles a more useful view is that link.

Well .... Ben! Anybody but 'Bush' ... ooppps! I mean 'Anybody But Harper'! .. Go talk to Premier Danny Williams about mr. harper.

I always thought we were Canadians first and Cons/Libs/Dippers second. I guess I need to get my priorities straight.

Drop the sentimental schlock! Harper is trying to remake Canada into an image of Bush's America! Everything Harper is about politically is the same thing that has global markets near collapse!

Harper is a HARD right wing ideologue who believes that an 'unfettered' - 'unregulated' free market is the solution to our ills. That ideology is currently being exposed for its flaws daily on Walls street.

Use your brain!

Right, right. Scary stuff.

Needless to say, I disagree with you. Harper's policies are (I'm disappointed to say) to the left of Obama's. Using Bush as your pet boogey man is just a distraction.

Regardless, my point is that whatever our disagreements on the direction Canada should go in I'm assuming we all want it to stay in one piece. I think Layton is wrong on virtually everything, but I'd be happy to see him in 24 Sussex if it meant the demise of the Bloc Quebecois.

I think supporting the separatists in any way crosses the line. Country should come before party.

The Bloc is a spent political force. Quebec is not going anywhere. In many parts of Quebec, a vote for the Bloc will be cast to STOP Harper ... otherwise they would have to vote Liberal and than may induce vile churning of one's stomach.

Your spin is admirable ... but fairly lame.

The fact that they are a spent force is all the more reason to keep up the pressure. The Bloc is tetering on the brink of extinction and everyone who loves this country should be lining up to give them a push, not a helping hand.

Furthermore, if your only priority is stopping Harper from forming the government in the short term, why haven't you purchased a Liberal party membership yet?

BECAUSE BEN - I live in Saskatchewan where there are NO Liberals in the provincial Legislature - hasn't been a Liberal government here since 1971 - the Libs are running 3rd in all seats but one ....

Your spin for people to vote for Harper to stop the Bloc is kinda cute, but not very smart! Go ahead, vote Reform (oops .. I mean 'Conservative') and leave the real politics to the adults!

Wow, so I guess if you lived in Ontario you'd be blogging for the Liberals, or the Bloc if you were in rural Quebec, or the Chritian Heritiage if you were in Alberta. It's not about what a candidiate or party stands for, but who they stand against (ie: the dreaded Harper the Horrible).

Whatever spins your wheels, Mr. grownup political man. Though I think such shortsightedness is why the NDP will sit on the opposition benches for generations to come.

Enjoy the rest of the election. And don't worry, four years will go by before you know it.

whatever ...........

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