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Friday, September 05, 2008 

Eight Sask. Aboriginal People Have Been Shot Or Injured By RCMP In The Past 10 Months

We have a serious problem in Saskatchewan between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and First Nations people. The fact that eight individuals have been shot (5 fatally) or seriously injured by the federal police force in such a short period of time indicates that there are problems with communications or enforcement here.

The Saskatchewan Federation of Indian Nations is asking for a public inquiry to determine what the cause of the numerous shootings can be attributed to.

Clearly, if individuals are resisting arrest for minor offenses resulting in the use of deadly force by the RCMP, then there may be a need for aboriginal 'peacekeepers' to mediate volatile situations.

"Mentally police are in a tough situation especially in light of Mayerthorpe and Spiritwood, but I still question the use of lethal force. Last spring RCMP employed a SWAT team to peacefully end an armed stand-off in the town of Indian Head. There are examples of where lethal force is not the only option."
FSIN Chief Lawrence Joseph

-Aboriginal leaders ask for public inquiry

-FSIN calls for public inquiry

kinda sends a message eh? I didn't like the cops before but now being an aboriginal it would seem I'm expendable. I wonder if this is part of Harper's Tough on crime ideas... But of course I'm sure it's just coincidence. Right?

Common sense is certainly NOT being taught at the RCMP Training Academy in Regina!

Think back about a year when a Mountie stopped a truck on an extremely minor vehicle infraction which resulted in an infant and his mother being pepper sprayed by the RCMP as well as other toddlers, seniors and by-standers! This was a case where something extremely minor got out of hand because some 'cowboy' Mountie decided to be fucking ignorant with a kids soccer team! The most recent case, saw a number of minor infractions turn into the shooting and death of a civilian during the administration of minor police business!

Harper's apology means nothing on behalf of the government if a bunch of goons in RCMP uniforms are going to insist on playing Gestapo and shooting people for minor infractions. I am sickened by this!

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