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Friday, September 05, 2008 

"LIES THAT STEPHEN HARPER TOLD US" - Blogging Theme For Progressive Bloggers - Sunday, Sept 7th

I would like to invite ALL Progressive Bloggers, (Green - New Democrat -Liberal) to join in a common theme by blogging a post this Sunday to the general theme of 'Lies that Stephen Harper told us'.

Living in Saskatchewan, I will have NO difficulty finding a few lies that our Conservative Prime Minister told my province. Progressive bloggers from across the nation may find that they have been on the receiving end of similar lies by Harper.

So ... there it is ... my challenge to my fellow bloggers. Harper is expected to drop the writ for a federal campaign on Sunday and I can't think of a better way to kick off the election.

I just saw the first run of the 'misty-eyed' soft and gentle Harper ad on TV ... and nearly got sick!

Come on, make our task a little lighter, there, Leftdog. What about "Truths that Stephen Harper told us"? Then I'll have time for my regular blogging as well. :)

We can collect all the lies and have a "Harper's 'decomplishments' website."

Yap, he's a real dad.

Dawg ... I know it's a BIG job but someone's got to do it! (Canadians need to hear the details).

So we all cadge your "I don't care for Stephen Harper" logo for our posts and link back here then? I'm in.

I think if the Prog bloggers here can flesh out all of the broken promises, dishonesty and outright lies by Harper and crew since they took office in 2006, we will have a nice list to share with Canadian voters.

I have a bit of a list in my email somewhere, and I saw another blogger have about 100 things that Harper has backtracked on, or in someone's opinion sucked in doing. I'd like to collect just a factual list, one where people can judge for themselves based on the facts, just how well he's governed.

. . .all of the broken promises . . .

If every broken promise, connivance, act of mendacity, fiddling of parliamentary procedure,and device to obstruct the furtherance of parliamentary democracy in Canada were a brick, how large a building could we erect?

Sir yes sir!

You can find my list with downloads at


The are 55 items although the list is a little bit out of date, I had to take a break over the summer to retain my sanity!

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